I'm In!

For those of you who don’t know what the Beach to Beacon is, it’s the largest road race in Maine.  You should really read about Beach to Beacon here.  The race caps out at 6,000 runners and registering for the event is quite competitive.  Registration takes place in three stages: Cape Elizabeth Residents, Open, and Lottery.  Yesterday was the 1st day for registering, but it was only open to the first 600 Cape Elizabeth resident who registered.  Today was the big day because it was open registration.  Open registration began at 7:00 am.  Believe me, you want to be at your computer before 7:00 and have the website up .  At 7:02, I was in.  At 7:03, I had Ward registered!  I was expecting a total meltdown (on my part) because registering last year was so hard.  Everytime I entered my credit card information, I was kicked out of the site.  If I remember correctly, the open registration closed in less than 20 minutes.  This year, it was closed in about 7 minutes!  4,000 registrants in 7 minutes!  Wow!  And we’re in.   Actually, I believe all of my runner friends who tried to register, were able to get in.  Way to go guys!
The hubby - Ward (in the green Red Sox shirt) next to his brother,
Wade, at the Shamrock Sprint 5K in Bath, 3/12/11.

On another note, Saturday’s Shamrock Sprint 5K results were finally posted in the Times Record.  I was thinking 23:07 was an awesome time (Garmin time); however, the posted results have me at 22:59:28.  A sub 23!   I never thought I’d see that time near my name.   I can only hope to continue to improve my time this summer.

What races are you doing?  (you can see my list to the right)  
What are your goals?  Share please!


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