With the 10 mile race a complete wash, I need to refocus my training energies toward the next 2 races on my docket:  The Shamrock 5K on 3/13 and the Race The Runways ½ Marathon on 4/2.

It really just comes down to improving my time for the both races.  My 5K PR was at the Operation Smile 5K – 23:41.   My half marathon time from Maine Marathon was 1:54:36. 

In terms of mileage training, I have a good portion of the mileage down for the ½ thanks for my Midwinter Classic Training.  The girls and I have a 12 mile run planned for this weekend.  We’ll do 13 miles next weekend and then taper the mileage from there until race day. 

What I really need to work on is my speed.  I will have to get in one speed drill this week and one next week.  Unfortunately, it appears as though this is my meetings from hell month.  It’s going to take some creative planning and squeezing in.  Perhaps I’ll get in a few runs during my lunch time.  On the plus side, sunset is getting later and later.  Today is was 5:27.  This means, I could actually squeeze in a run before dinner if I had to!   


  1. I think this spring is the season for meetings from hell!

  2. I like your running plan! I am ready for spring/summer aka the time of sun and no snow! It will make training so much easier!

  3. Spring/Summer cannot come soon enough. Just think how much easier running will be!


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