BQ Baby!!!

Not me, Ward, Wade & Joe!  They have spent so many months training for this day and they did it!

Thank goodness for this man.  Mark, a marathoner himself and an incredible friend, offered to be the guys support person.  Because the road does not get closed for the race, Mark was able to drive the course of the marathon today to provide the supports the guys needed along the way – water, Sportbeans, Shot bloks, taking articles of clothing, running with the guys and providing me with updates (via texts and phone calls) of their progress.  Isn’t he just awesome? 

Today was the BIG day at the Loaf.  Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating, it rained the entire time.  Yuck for the runners and yuck for the spectators.  

Here’s the cheering squad.  We decided to spend our time at a market under the cover of their roof.  

Around 10 am we decided to go to the side of the road and prepare for cheering.  When we got there, Mark showed up so that was our signal to get ready!  If Mark was there, the guys were not far behind.   

First we saw Ward, then Wade, then Joe! 

Ward - #26 overall - time 3:06:43

Wade - #27 overall time - 3:06:54

Joe - #31 overall - 3:08:57

I let Ward borrow one of my most prized possessions today. 

Here are his stats: 

Mile 1: 7:04
Mile 2: 7:14
Mile 3: 7:02
Mile 4: 7:03
Mile 5: 7:07
Mile 6: 7:08
Mile 7: 7:05
Mile 8: 7:08
Mile 9: 7:29
Mile 10: 7:16
Mile 11: 7:01
Mile 12: 7:03
Mile 13: 7:15
Mile 14: 7:08
Mile 15: 7:11
Mile 16: 6:59
Mile 17: 7:08
Mile 18: 7:07
Mile 19: 7:06
Mile 20: 7:09
Mile 21: 7:08
Mile 22: 7:04
Mile 23: 7:06
Mile 24: 7:04
Mile 25: 7:02
Mile 26: 7:00
Last 0.2: 5.44

Love this pic - Ward finished watching Wade come in to finish!

Here they are - our fantastic guys


  1. Thats soo awesome! I had been keeping in touch with Mark via text to see how the guys were doing!! I love that last picture! I spectated Sugarloaf last year when a bunch of friends ran it. So excited for them!

  2. Mark was one busy man - running, texting, refueling, driving....


  3. woooo hoooo!! so exciting :) i ran sugarloaf last year, what a fun race (when its not raining). sarah and i just realized that i kinda know you... well i know sarah and mark, and have raced with wade and ward before (albeit they PASS me with their freakin strollers!! haha) hopefully ill get to meet you sometime!

  4. Danielle - I'm sure we'll meet this summer. We've probably run the same races too...and finished around the same time! Aren't those guys ridiculous passing people with the strollers? They absolutely love doing that!


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