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Okay, so watching the husband, my brother-in-law, and our friend, Joe, rock their marathon on Sunday was absolutely exhilarating.  But honestly, it got me thinking about what I'll be doing in about 20 weeks - running my 1st marathon.  I'm really going to try to not panic about this.  Seriously - I'm going to run 26.2 miles?  What was a I thinking?  

Ward & Wade - Sugarloaf Marathon 2011

I've been a bit obsessed looking at the many marathon plans out there on the internet.  I've checked out Hal Higdon's marathon training and McMillan Running's training programs as well and I like both of them.  There are many similarities between the two.  Basically, 1 long run, a short run, a medium run, some speed training/hills, and cross training.   Of course, there are some additional pieces, but you get the idea.  Right?   I'm also positive that Jill is thankful I'll be teaching in a different school next fall.  That way I won't be bothering her all day talking about marathon training.  Maybe I'll just be emailing her all day instead!  

Lucky for me, I already have a marathon plan.  I've been chosen to be a participant in YogatoRun's marathon training.   Training with Terry and Jen will begin mid-June and my running program will be tailored to where I am in my running.   In preparation for the training, I've been practicing some yoga on the side - only through some youtube videos - but it's still practice, right?   I don't want to look like a complete fool!  In addition, I signed up for the 21-day Yoga Challenge.  (Stacy told Jill and I about it on our long run on Saturday.)  If you sign up for the daily email, you'll get a yoga sequence to follow.  I did do the day 1 sequence yesterday, but really didn't get to doing day 2 today.  I will make it a priority to get to it tomorrow.  The nice thing about it, is that the sequences are very easy to follow AND Izzy and Tucker got into the sequences with me.  I love those kids!  


  1. The crazy thing about this picture for those who were not there this was at mile 23 and look how relaxed they look.

  2. what were you thinking?... you were thinking that its going to be awesome! :)

  3. Mark - I know that I will definitely NOT look that relaxed at mile 23. I may be dead by then.

    Danielle - I really hope it's awesome. We'll see!


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