Goal Setting

When it comes to running, I have many goals.
- I want to be faster and continue to improve my 5K times, 10K times and 1/2 marathon times
- I want to complete my 1st marathon in October
- I also want to keep running as long as I possibly can...I'd love to be that 80 year old woman in the Boston!  :)  (I am crazy, I know!)

With 2 5K's this month, my short-term goal is to work in improving my 5K times.  On Sunday, I will be running my 4th Seadogs Mother's Day 5K.  My times are below:

2008 - 27:24 (8:50 ave pace)
2009 - 25:45 (8:18 ave pace)
2010 - 25:17 (8:09 ave pace)

My goal - I'd REALLY love to beat my 5K pr from the Bath 5K.  That race was hillier than the Seadogs 5K route and my time was 22:59:28 (7:25 pace).  HOWEVER, the Bath 5K had approximately 2900 LESS runners!    This 5K brings in about 3000 runners and it is super congested in the beginning and can be congested in the end - since the race ends in the Seadogs Stadium.

What kind of training have I done this week to get ready for the 5K?  I've done 2 "normal" runs (hills and all) on my road, one easy run (4.7 miles), and then a tempo run yesterday morning on the rail trail - my speed work ended up being 1/4 mile sprints - with 1/4 mile recoveries.   Now I'm going to rest for 2 days, stretch a lot, and begin to incorporate some of my newly learned yoga poses.

There have been some improvements to the organization of the Seadogs 5K and I'm anxious to see how they play out.  The one I am most excited is that there will be a start mat/corral.  Runners are being asked to self-seed ourselves.  It won't matter where I am in the mix though because of the start mat and the use of B-Tags.  We'll see!

I also have to note that since Ward is tapering/resting for the big Sugarloaf Marathon next week, he is not going to run the 5K on Sunday, which means we don't have to worry about childcare.  He will be able to  cheer me on in the stadium with the kids this year.  Yay!  (Let's hope he can get some pictures too!)

While I am excited about Sunday's 5K, I'm bummed as well because we won't be able to do our long run this weekend.  I love those runs with the girls (and I really love the amount of calories burned during a long run too!).    I am also bummed that Stacy won't be doing the 5K on Sunday due to family obligations.  :(


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