A Happy Mothers Day

Today began with the Portland Seadogs Mother's Day 5K.  I apologize for not having any pictures, my photographer was a big ol' slacker in that department today.   I had an odd feeling going into this morning's race because Ward didn't run it this year.  Normally he runs it with one of the kids in the jogging stroller. But this year he felt that it was best to not run a race one week before the Sugarloaf Marathon.  Since he chose to not run the race, we didn't have to worry about dropping Tucker off anywhere and I got have my own cheering squad.  I loved seeing my family on the side of the road at the start of the race and we very excited to see them sitting in the stands as I came in to the finish line.

Thank goodness for mainerunningphotos.com!
I'm the one in the deep pink shirt, black shorts (near the center) with my number on my shorts...look at all those runners!  

Since Stacy couldn't run the race today, she transferred her bib #s to Joe and Jess.  Joe is running the marathon with Ward and Wade next week as well, so he chose to run with Jess (so sweet) and I tagged along.

I came in #256 (out of 2500ish) runners -  with the time of 23:05.  I did meet one of my goals: to improve on my time from the 2010 Seadogs Mother's Day 5K and dropped my time by 2 minutes & 10 seconds!  However, I did NOT PR.  I missed my mark by 7 seconds.

After the race we went to Eastern Mountain Sports and Trader Joe's.  Two of my favorite stores and they are beside each other!    I wanted to try on the Merrell Pace Gloves and the New Balance WT10 Minimus Trail shoes.    I went in there thinking I was going to love the New Balance, but came to realize that they are not the shoes for me.  There is a rubber strip right on the side where my bunion is.  While the toe box is roomy, I can see the rubber strip becoming a problem.  I tried on the Merrell's and they were perfect!  I didn't buy them.  I'm going to hold off for a little while and think about it.  I may try on another pair of shoes that completely wow me.  You never know.  Plus, Ward and I are going to stop off at the New Balance Factory Store in Skowhegan on our return trip from the marathon.  I have a pair of New Balance WT100's on hold waiting for me to try on next Sunday.  Maybe they will be the ones?  I know that they will definitely be less expensive (especially with my $25 New Balance gift certificate that I won at the January Thaw race).   Decisions, decisions, decisions...

My 80's girl...

and boy does she love riding on the big "toys" with daddy!  

Anyway, we came home and a had a relaxing day.  Izzy and I hung out in the yard while Ward and Tucker road around the driveway on Tucker's mini-bike.  

Perhaps I need to get this boy some fully body armor -
I have a feeling the helmet isn't going to be enough.  

Tucker had a special gift for me this morning.  He is so sweet!


  1. Great job on the race! Even though you didn't meet your PR that is still an amazing time!! Great job. I love your little fam pics. Too cute!

  2. Great job on the race! That is a great time! And I hope you had a Happy Mother's Day! Love those home made cards! I'd like to try on the Merrell's too. They look like they'd be comfy!


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