Oh my

I was the absolute best wife ever on Sunday.  Really, I was.  And I totally expect excellent treatment from Ward after I run the marathon in October.  I'm really writing this so I can show him in October and remind him of how awesome I was!
    - I didn't put any parenting demands on Ward all day
    - I let Ward nap in the car while I took the kids into a diner for lunch 
    - I even ordered him fries and milk (his request) and he joined us when he woke up
    - Once we got home, I didn't place any parenting demands on him....well, except for 
             the 30 minutes that I snuck out for a run - I do know he didn't leave the couch 
             the entire time...so he was all set!
    - I unpacked both of his marathon bags - gross, stinky clothes and all and didn't 

The only thing I really made him do was go to the New Balance Outlet with me in Skowhegan.  I really wanted to use the gift certificate that I won at the January Thaw race and since we were sorta in the area, well, north of Gardiner anyway, we stopped in there on the way home.   

What did I get?  I got a pair of New Balance WT100 and a high impact sports bra for $53.  That was after the $25 gift certificate.  Not a bad deal.  

Here's my new shoes.  They are technically trail shoes, but really, does it matter?   They are basically a minimalist shoe - 6 ounces and very little cushioning.  They are going to be my new 5K racing shoes.  I may try a 10k with them, but I'm not sure.  

I'll spare you a picture of the sports bra.  I'm just excited that it is high impact and there are absolutely zero bouncing going on there.  AND I don't have to double bra it anymore.  Woo hoo!  


  1. Hope you don't mine I came across from seecassierun. Love your blog, your life style seems to mirror mine but I'm on a real small scale and only just trying out a veggie patch this year :-)
    Congratulations to hubby on his achievement.

  2. It's great to have your visit my little blog! Thank you for the kind words. Looking forward to "seeing" you more on here!


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