Almost there – Day 5!

Okay, I think I have more energy.  I don’t feel so tired anymore.  I can take that as a plus!

Oatmeal (cold) with Almond Milk, Chia Seeds, Raw Almonds, Dried Cranberries

TJ Roasted Seaweed

Salad with shrimp, cukes, lettuce and tomatoes & vinegar/lemon juice

Melon Salad

Pineland Farms (grass fed) burger (no bun) - totally lean as well - I hope this counts!
Grilled Sweet Potato
Grilled Asparagus


Water Consumption:
124 oz  - close enough!

Today’s workout
Today was a Miss Karen day for Izzy, so that meant it was a Tucker and Mommy day.  We went for a walk on the rail trail today.  Tucker said he wanted to “walk far” today “like a mile”.  He then went on to say that we needed to walk up the trail a half a mile and turn around and walk another half.  (way to go with the fractions, buddy!)  He’s so cute.  Anyway, as we started out on the walk, he suggested that we “run hard for awhile”.   Then he told me to use my watch to see how fast we run.  I was not even closed to dressed for running (I had on a tank bra and a strappy tank shirt and some JC Crew shorts on – not exactly running attire) but I went for it anyway.  We jogged for a quarter of a mile and he decided that we were going to walk.   We walked for a bit, then jogged, then walked and then raced to the end.  He won, of course.  

I need some biking attire - the shirt is Ward's and I had to wear my running shorts -
I refused to wear Ward's biking shorts - they are definitely not cut for a woman!  

Later on tonight, I decided to get my bike out and go for a ride.  I had gone to the local bike shop today to get a new tube and a spare because I got a flat last fall and I just never got around to fixing it.  I need you all to understand that I know nothing about riding a bike.I know even less about riding a bike.  I just do what Ward tells me to do.   But I do enjoy it for the cross training aspect.   I brought my Garmin along for the ride.  I’ve  got admit, I was pretty impressed with the accuracy of the Garmin when riding compared to when I’m running.  I rode on my road, so I knew where the approximate mile markers were and sure enough, the watch beeped within a few feet of where it would when I was running.  I’ve been thinking about getting the speech/cadence bike sensor, but not anymore.  I got in 10.18 miles in 40:30. 

Are there any other Garmin folks out there who use their Garmin for riding as well?  What are your thoughts?


  1. Hi Jen! Glad you are feeling so good! I have a bike computer on my bike, but I accidentally cleared it out so I was trying to resync it so it was clocking distance correctly (it's a confusing story regarding wheel size equations)... anyway, I wore my garmin for a few bike rides and really liked it. I just loved how the miles fly by on a bike compared to running! I think it would work just fine!


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