CSA Pickup and Getting Ready

Friday is my regularly scheduled CSA pickup day.  We’ve had a few pickups already, but yesterday was the start of regular weekly pickups.  My CSA had an incredible season last year (for instance – we had 4 weeks of “take as much as you need to feed your family”) and I’m hoping for another great year! 

We’ve been getting mostly greens, but CSA greens always taste better.  Yesterday I walked away with 3 lbs of goodies plus a quart of strawberries. 

kohlrabi, oregano, lettuce, spinach

I am sad to report that most of the strawberries never made it home.  I admit, I did eat a few, but a certain little blonde hair-blue eyed girl in the backseat LOVED them.  I kept hearing “more please” and “done” as she handed me the green tops. 

The big day is tomorrow – The Kennebec River Rail Trail ½ Marathon.  Race time is 7:30 am; which makes for an early morning.  That also means I need to get my gear ready tonight. 

Here’s the checklist:

  1. add new songs to iPod
  2. charge iPod
  3. charge Garmin
  4. pasta dinner
  5. clean/fill Camelbak
  6. get Sharkies/SportBeans/GU/ Gum ready
  7. get shoes and outfit ready
  8. get camera ready for Ward (I bet he’ll forget it) 
  9. tomorrow’s breakfast: toast with pb/ chia seeds/banana
I don't think I'm forgetting anything.  

I’m also happy to report that my legs feel well rested at this point.  Three days of not running and practicing my yoga sequences have done the trick.  I feel ready to go tomorrow!  The only thing I’m NOT looking forward to is the weather.  So far the forecast looks “okay” – which is better than it looked earlier today.

Here’s was Accuweather says:

And here’s what Weather.com says:

I like Accuweather's forecast better!  

Oh and I need to post some awesome pics of some of the girls from last night when we went to Slate's last night.  

First, here's the little ones:

Izzy & Scout

And here's my running girls!  

Jen, Jill, Stacy & Jess


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