Hell Yeah!

I did it!  I bet you are all shocked that I had the will power to complete the challenge.  There were some days that I wanted to cave, but continued to hold strong. 

What did I learn from the challenge?  I read labels much closer and clean eating can be expensive.  There are not many coupons floating around out there for fruits and veggies. 

Will I change my diet forever?  Sorry, but the answer is no.  I love Starbucks and chips.  

Will I do another challenge like this?  More than likely.  I’m thinking if Emilie does another challenge this fall, I may be up for it by then. 

And of course, since the challenge is over, I just stumbled across this blog.  Super cool.  I wish I found it a week ago!  J 

oatmeal (cold) with almond milk and blue berries

green Smoothie

mixed greens (from Stacy’s garden) w/ tomatoes, avocado, red/yellow/orange peppers w/ balsalmic vinegar and olive oil


black bean burgers from this blog (almost perfect, next time I’ll sauté the onions 1st) - Ward even liked them!

Water Consumption:
132 oz  - how did that happen? 

I received a package in the mail two days ago from the Boys and Girls Club.  When I opened it up – there was a letter

And a medal! 

How cool is that? 

Can anyone guess what I'm going to do first thing tomorrow?  


  1. Wow! Thanks for linking to my blog! I hope it helps someone! Getting my mom to eat veggies took years.. I mean, just ADDING veggies to things..

    Haha! Are you going to eat chips and drink coffee tomorrow?

    I love chips too. I try not to buy them.. I love kettle cooke Honey dijon.. and spicy thai.. ahh..

    Congrats on the BGC win! Very cool medal!

  2. I am happy to share any awesome blogs out there and found yours to be incredible! I loved many of your recipes and will be making them for sure!

    I did eat a lot of chips and went to Starbucks 1st thing in the morning. It was heavenly! I don't buy a lot of chips - because they won't last long here. Kettle Cooked Honey Dijon sounds devine! I haven't tried them yet - but I may now!!!!

    Thanks for following me! :)


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