Happy Birthday To My Boy

I'm still in shock.  How in the world can I have an 8 year old son?  I know, it IS possible for me to have a high schooler - thank goodness I don't.  Tucker is my 1st child and my only boy. I love this boy more than words can describe.

We spent an awesome day at Peacock Beach with great friends.  Good thing because it hit 100 degrees (at least) in the Richmond/Gardiner area.  When we got home (after a quick trip to our CSA pick up), I fired up the grill and made pizzas on the grill (because it was too hot inside to turn on the oven) and prepped for a birthday sleepover.  They had a blast running through the sprinkler and eating ice cream cake.  What a day for that!!!

This is NOT from today!  We had a party for him last weekend at the cottage!  

As I write this post, the boys are in the living room unwinding (I hope) by watching a movie.  Izzy even insisted that I bring her mattress in there and put it on the floor so she could sleep with boys.  Too cute.  (she won't sleep in there -but I can let her think that, right?)

sporting his gift from us - an LL Bean sprout backpack with a hydration hookup - he totally wants to go hiking now!

Happy Birthday, my Tucker-bug.  I love you more than anything in the world.


  1. Awww! This is so sweet. My little boy will be 5 this year. i am in such awe of how fast it goes and how much I love my kids.

  2. They do grow at a rapid rate don't they :-) Happy Birthday Tucker.


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