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Okay running friends, if you were going to co-organize a small, local 5k, how would one start the process? What types of things do you look for in a 5k?  What kinds of prizes? How much should registration be?  What kinds of items do you like in the goody bag?

Let me explain.  I was asked to co-organize a 5k in Gardiner next spring.  Of course I said yes, but I haven't the foggiest idea how to put together a 5k.  I've run enough of them that I have ideas of what runners like me like in small, community races.

Please comment (or email at jenniferb at roadrunner dot com) with your ideas!

On the running front - tonight Ward, Izzy and I went for an easy 3 miler.  Ward and I don't get a lot of opportunities to run together, but with Tucker sleeping over at his cousins house tonight, we saw the chance and took it.


  1. I had this response all typed out last night on my ipad--which is a pain--and then somehow it didn't save it! ugh. So I thought I'd wait until work to retype when I have a keyboard. lol Anyhoo--I like restaurant gift cards for prizes or swag. $20 is a good number for a registration fee. Are you trying to raise money for something?

    marty thornton is a photographer in hallowell and she takes photos of races. She then sells the pics but will donate $1 of each photo sold to the cause. She came down last year for the Lobster Roll 5K in BBH and all I had to do was call and ask her.

    I like a family type 5k--so maybe a short kids race too? Good luck!

  2. Cool! I think even the small ones are a ton of work. I found this on the site -

    I look for an interesting locale, something close and convenient, and hope that it is well organized (informational emails leading up the the event, website, etc.) and the course is well marked, for a few.

    As far as prizes, I think it is neat when they have something to do with the race or the cause. In the Old Port 5K last weekend, the prizes were buoys...I was bummed I didn't get one!

    I honestly don't really care though if there is a goody bag. I guess if it is within the budget to supply one, but if you want to keep costs low and therefore registration fees, I'm not sure it is necessary.

    You can count me in as a participant or volunteer!


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