Richmond Area Health Center 5k - Recap

This morning a group of us ran the Richmond Area Health Center 5k:  Ward, Jessie, Joe, Stacy, and myself.  It was the first year of this 5k and was a fun little run and can only get better.
leaders of the pack - I think the police truck was totally slowing them down

The good:
- The course - it wasn't as hilly as I thought it was going to be.  Richmond definitely has some nice sized hills.  I know!  
- The after race food - great selections!  
- The prizes - Joe won an hour massage, Jessie won 45 days of power yoga, Ward won 1 session with a personal training and I won (through the raffle) a tote bag
- Course markings - pretty good.  I didn't get lost at all, but then again, I always have people leading the way.   Ward said he did get a bit confused in one part, but his thoughts were that it was well marked overall.  
- There was a water stop - which I was completely surprised by.  But I gladly took that cup of water and poured it over my head.  Man that felt awesome!  
- The race volunteers and directors were very nice and friendly.  

Things to improve on:
- Registration should be at the at the same location as the start of the race 
- Water really should be (especially on a hot day like today) at the finish line or at least in sight of the finish line
- Mile markers would be nice

Overall - a nice little race that can only get bigger and better for sure!  

Results are listed at BUT my time is not correct on coolrunning.  While I'd love to have a time of 21:53, that was not in the cards today.  My actual time was 23:17.  Not so bad - considering I did hills the other day and I'm totally still feeling it.
Ward's time was accurate and he did come in 2nd place while our friend Joe won the race!

A big thank you goes out to Wade and Jill for watching the kids and taking pictures!  


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