I started to write this yesterday, but just as I finished typing, we lost power!  Ugh.  Thank goodness for autosave.  Here it is....

So far, I've been super lucky to not have any chaffing with my long runs.  Last week I did have a little rubbing on my collarbone area from my camelbak.  I didn't even feel it, just happened to notice it in the mirror the day after our run!  

Yesterday I did something silly.  I wore different shorts.  I usually wear my Nike tempos, but for some reason I put on my New Balance shorts.  Although, it could have been the pad I was wearing too (I had just started my period 1st thing in the morning).  Sorry about the TMI.

When I was in the shower, I noticed a little burning in the "area" and sure enough, I had some chaffing going on there.  Ugh.  Not a lot.  I didn't feel a thing during the run and I don't feel it at all today.  

Perhaps it is time to try out some anti-chaffing glides/lotions.  Have you used any?  What do you recommend? 


  1. i had the same thing happen to me... had chafing under my arms from my camelbak, from my shorts in that lovely area, and... a first... from my ipod shuffle on my shorts line. weird! i have a great anti chafing stick but i dont have it with me right now. ill let you know when i get home what the brand is. great job on your 20 miles!

  2. Ouch. Glad it feels better now. I was just thinking this morning about using something for my chub-rub zone (I haven't before so I can't suggest anything).

  3. ouch on the chaffing! Isn't there something called Glide that is supposed to help?

  4. I have read about glide and some other ones - I just want to use something that has had good reviews from other runners! Thanks girls!

    Maybe I should just stick with the same shorts too! :)

  5. As a chubby girl who has lost over 120 pounds, you can imagine the chaffing I would get! The glide is amazing and I have NEVER chaffed once after using it. I also use it on my feet and toes on long runs and only got a blister one time I did not wear it and was wearing the wrong socks. I LOVE it and its very reasonable (8.00 at dicks)

    Good luck!

  6. There's Vaseline, moo glide..... Are you wearing a new bra? That happened to me. Ugh. Stinks!!!

  7. I tried Body Glide, but didn't like it. I tried it on my thighs though, and probably didn't put enough on. I think I would say give it a try (maybe the one meant just for women??) and use more of it than you think you need. I was hoping for more of a slick feel, but it was more of tacky feel.


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