16 Mile Recap

What a run it was!  16 miles is a great feat.  Jess and I did our 1st 16 miler a few weeks back in the rain on a pretty hilly course.  If memory serves me correctly, Jess and I walked a few times on that run.  The hills were killers, for sure. 
This time we opted for the rail trail, my favorite place to run.  It is free of road traffic for the most part, which takes out most of the stress of running. 

 The morning did start out quite chilly.  As I was getting ready I glanced at the thermometer, which said 40 degrees.  40 degrees!!!!  Jeez.  We went from too hot in a tank top to sweatshirt/capri weather in no time.  I was   stumped with what to   wear.  I knew it was going to warm up, I just didn’t know how much   and when.  I opted to wear my lightweight longsleeve Northface shirt, with a tank underneath, and my black Target fake compression shorts.  I was trying the fake compression shorts out for comfort because they are part of my outfit for the big race!  I say fake because the tag says compression, but they are really just spandex shorts.  But, they were cheap ($12) and they will be perfect under my traveling Sparkle Skirt at the Maine Marathon.   I stumbled upon the website for the Team Sparkle Skirts and fell in love.  They are super adorable and I love that the traveling skirt brings extra luck.  I need all the luck I can get.  For sure. 

Anyway, we got in a little over 6 miles before Jess and I had to visit the Augusta porta-potty.  Honestly, I’d rather poop in the woods than use a porta-potty anyday.  BUT we were not in an area that would be woods-pooping friendly– ie, no woods.  So, porta-potty it was.  While we were there, we heard some bagpipes and drums.  We soon realized there was a 9/11 ceremony taking place up over the hill at the Augusta Fire Department.  This lead Jess and I into the “where were you” conversations. 

Where was I?  I was teaching at Mt. Ararat HS.  I clearly remember most of my students being gone that morning to visit the vocational school, so I only had 1 student with me at the time.  My phone rang and it was my mom.  She said that a plane had crashed into the World Trade Center.  I told her she was on crack.  Yep, I  did.  I should have believed her because she DID work at the Brunswick Naval Air Station.  But when I went online to check things out, there was nothing there.  This just goes to show how much slower internet news was 10 years ago.  A few minutes later and more internet searching, I did see some pictures of the crash.  It was bone chilling.  I immediately called Ward, who was a web designer in Camden at the time.  Boy how things have changed in the past 10 years!  My mom has passed away, Ward is not a web designer and I work in Brunswick!  Anyway, I remember taking my student with me and we watched the footage in the library until the rest of the students returned and then we spent the rest of the day listening to the radio.    
Back to the run,  it did warm up to about 70 degrees during the run.  That’s right.  The temperature rose 30 degrees in that time.  I did take off my longsleeved shirt and tied it around my waist.   The changes in weather are making me a little nervous/excited to see what the weather has in store for us for the marathon.  Ideally, I would like 50 degree weather, but we get what we get and I’m going to have to deal with it. 
The only bad thing about the run on Sunday was the construction workers.  I do love the rail trail, but I am sick to death of the guys staring and whistling/yelling things at us.  Oh, and I am done with their cigarette smoke too.  Gross! 


  1. I love those Team Sparkle skirts! I will definitely be getting one when I do the Maine Marathon next year. What color did you get?

    I am so bummed that they rescheduled my 10K in Westport on the 2nd, I REALLY wanted to come cheer you guys on. :-(

    It seems they have been working on that road forever! I have to go to Augusta tomorrow and now I'm thinking I'll head up the other side of the river.

    Good luck in the days following up to your big day!

  2. Love the skirts! Good luck at the Marathon.

  3. Skirt is super cute! It was 90 degrees yesterday during my run.. crazy weather changes! Grrr... I also too wonder what the weather will be on race day.

    Oh, and I agree with the whistles.. they do get annoying.

    Best of Luck! :)

  4. I just got my first Team Sparkle skirt in the mail and am STOKED to wear it for a 5k next weekend! I got the yellow one, so pretty and sparkly!

    Which color of traveling skirt did you get? I tried to get a traveling one but it was already taken !


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