Plan B

Tucker and I had planned for his 5k debut to be at the Monmouth Apple Fest on 9/24.  Well - that's not going to happen.   I really wanted to do this race with him because it is so low key and close, but since his soccer games (and Coach Ward really needs to be at the games) are scheduled for Saturday's at 8 am, we're not going to be making a Saturday 8 am 5k, now are we?  

So now we are on to Plan B - I don't want to wait until next spring for Tucker to run a race, so we are going to do the Spooky 5k in Freeport on October 30th.   Ward and I ran this race last year and it was so much fun!  I loved the costumes and I cannot wait to put together our costumes for this year's race.  I am not sure if we should have a group theme or if we should just wear our own individual costumes yet.   Any ideas?  

Oh, and another awesome part about this race?  I think I have my dad convinced to run with us!  Yes, you read that correctly.  MY DAD!  He started running this summer and is really digging it.  So proud of you, dad!  


  1. Bummer, but you've got your priorities in the right place! Plus you'll be super rested for the following week and your FIRST MARATHON!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I always look for Sunday races because of kid activities that fill up our Saturday schedule.


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