Yoga and Running

I am still psyched that I completed my 1st marathon.  It's amazing how awesome my co-workers have been this week, stopping me in the hallway to congratulate me and share their own running/marathon stories.  It goes to show that the running community is simply and incredible place to be.

Aside from the high from completing this feat, I am also pleased to report that I came out of this experience injury free!  I have a tendency to overtrain.  I'm sure you're shocked by this.  (not really!)  So, when Terry from Yoga to Run contacted me about joining her marathon training program, I jumped on it.  Actually, there are two instructors for Yoga to Run - Jenn and Terry.  They provided all of the runners with a weekly email of the upcoming weeks training plan with helpful hints.  They also had video clips done on youtube so members of the group could practice yoga in the comfort of their home.  The group got together once a month for a yoga clinic in Portland and group long runs along the course.  Unfortunately, I was not able to make it to any of the group runs. What I came to realize is that yoga gave me improved core strength and more flexibility overall which made me a runner who could take on this huge challenge and not get injured.  Guide to HealthcareSchools recognizes the benefits that can be derived from yoga that's why it is recommended for fitness trainers to be educated about it.

Because of Yoga to Run, I am now making yoga part of my routine.  Driving to Brunswick or Portland for a yoga class is not really an option for me, so I joined an adult ed yoga class in Richmond (a 5 minute drive).  Actually, Jess and Stacy took this 10 week class last spring and loved it.  They raved about it so much that it convinced Jill and I to join. Now the four of us are back together again! The class started the week before the marathon and it meets on Mondays.  I went to the first class and loved it.  I choose to not go to class on Monday - mostly because I just couldn't move.  But I will be there for the next 8 weeks, for sure.  

Back to Yoga to Run, I can't say enough awesome things about Terry and Jenn and their yoga for athletes/training programs.  You should seriously check them out.  And if you live in the Brunswick or Portland area, you should definitely attend one (or more) of their classes or clinics.  

A huge thank you goes to Jenn and Terry! 

Here's a video that Terry shared on facebook - this is exactly how I felt the day after the race!



  1. Funny video! Have fun at yoga. I am so not flexible right now, I could probably benefit from some of that.


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