Amanda’s Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge 2011 starts today! 

Have you signed up?  I don’t think it’s too late so you should head on over to Run To The Finish and do it.  Amanda has the challenge broken down into three levels:

Builders – for people just starting out and getting in the habit of working out, training for their 1st 5k, or someone who is mostly doing yoga and weights. 

Doers– for those people who have been committed to training plan, maybe those training for their 1st half marathon or first sprint tri or working on increasing mileage.

Advanced – for those who are training for a half ironman, ironman, have several marathons under your belt, those who are active in some form every day. 

I put myself in the “Doers” category because I am following a plan for the Midwinter Classic.  I am active nearly everyday, but I am definitely not training for an ironman or my umpteenth marathon, so I thought “Doer” better describes me.  What do you think? 

The point system is as follows:
-1 point/mile (running/walking)
-1 point/3 miles (biking)
-1point/20 minutes weight lifting/ pilates, yoga, stretching, abs
-1 point/15 minutes of low impact cardio  (low impact aerobics, easy biking, skiing, skating, water aerobics, snow shoeing)
-1 point/10 minutes of high impact cardio (spinning, kickboxing, lap swimming)
-1 per day when you’ve reached a minimum of 7 services of fruits/veggies

So far I’ve earned:
-       I ran 4 miles this morning = 4 points
-       I at more than 7 services of fruits/veggies (kale, banana, apple (2), tomato, avocado (whole), = 1 point
-       Daily Total: 5 points

This is an incredible challenge to keep us motivated!  Sign up here. 

Oh & the challenge runs from 11/19 to 1/6! 


  1. I am in too.

    There is also a Winter 100 Challenge going where the challenge is to log 100 running miles during the months of Dec, Jan and Feb.

    It is being done by www.the-running-mom.com if you are interested. Or click on the button to it on my blog.

    Nice going on your 4 miles and good eats today!

  2. I signed up too and was debating about which level to sign up for!

  3. I earnt precisely zero points yesterday! But I will be on it this week. Sounds like you made a good start :)


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