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First and foremost, I hope you all have had a great Christmas.  I have to say, our Christmas was exactly what we needed: tons of family time, great food, and of course, presents!  

Izzy's Chickband - now she matches mommy

Our Christmas routine goes like this:  Christmas Eve is at Ward's parent's house and his family.  Christmas morning is just for us at our house with the kids.  Then around noon, we head to my dad's house.  

After a morning of gifts and an excellent dinner at my dad and Barb's house, we went over to Ward's parent's house again.  The original plan was for Ward and I to go for a run and Kathy and Bou would watch the kids.  However, he's been sick for the last 3 days and is still not up for running, so the plan changed to just me going for a run.  We could have just gone home because we didn't need Kathy and Bou to watch the kids anymore BUT I really wanted to soak in the hot tub after the run.  Makes sense, right?   And running in Brunswick, meant nice flat roads.  Another bonus. 

I got the run in.  It wasn't fast.  It wasn't easy.   I ate entirely too much at dad and Barb’s.  My fault completely.  I  couldn’t resit the yummy spread.  But, there was no way I wasn't going to run, so run I did.  

Total mileage: 6.43 miles.  I got in  Kiley's Christmas 5K and Stephanie's Home for the Holidays 10K.  Awesome!!!!  

 Official times:  
Christmas 5K - 26:30
Home for the Holidays 10K - 53:45  

When the running was all done, I could not get in that hot tub fast enough.  What a perfect way to end a run!  I so need a hot tub.  


  1. Great job with your 5K and 10K! Those are awesome times for being really full.

    I'm glad you had a great Christmas!

  2. Great times! Looks like everyone had a lovely Christmas. Love the green shoes (and the rest of the running outfit).

  3. Great way to keep motivated through the festive weekend! Those are great run times!

  4. Love it!!! Congrats :) So glad that you joined in and I love the outfit. Too cute. And I could not agree more on the hot tub.

  5. Nice job! I love your outfit, so adorable. And loving that your daughter has a chickband too! I did my Virtual 10k today and can't wait to get into our hot tub - that's the longest I've run in 14 years! totally worth the investment!

  6. Great job on your run Jen! You're so fast!


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