5 Fitfluential Tips to Maintain Balance this Holiday Season

As a Fitfluential Ambassador, this week’s prompt is “Five Tips for Achieving FitFluential Balance during the Holidays.” 

This time of the year is crazy.  Actually, it’s crazy most of the year, but add in the holidays and we get super-charged craziness.  Now how do we take it all on and remain balanced? 

Stay Hydrated.
Water is essential for our bodies.  Did you know that water makes up more than 2/3 of the human body weight?  When our water levels drop, we see signs of dehydration: headaches, trouble focusing, difficulty with memory, and fatigue.   It’s recommended that we drink 8 cups of water per day, which equals 64 oz.  I, on the other hand, drink nearly 100 oz a day.  I feel that when I drink more water, I don’t crave those sweets nearly as much. 

Load Up on the Fruit and Veggies. 
Amanda at  Run to the Finish has a Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.  Each day, I can earn an extra point if I eat 7 servings of fruit/veggies.  I enjoy rising to the challenge each day by making sure I get my 7 servings in each day.  Craving something sweet?  Grab an orange. 

Enjoy the Goodies
It would be crazy of me to suggest to you to stay away from all holiday goodies.  I have found that if I go out of my way to avoid them, I crave them even more.  Go ahead, live a little and eat those yummy treats at those holiday parties.  You’ve got to enjoy life too, but don't go overboard.  

Make it a priority to get your sweat on daily.  Schedule it in if need be.  It might not always work to get in an 8 mile run BUT you can definitely squeeze in a 30 minute workout, right?

Don't you wish you could sleep like this?
I miss these days when she was so little!

Your body needs 6-7 hours a night to recover.   I’m guilty of giving up my sleep when the tough gets going, but I have found I am a much nicer person to be around when I get my sleep.  My family, friends and students all benefit from a well rested me. 

There you have it.  My 5 tips to maintain balance during the holidays.  

What tips do you have?  


  1. Great tips! You are so right about the water!

  2. SLEEP I love that one :) Prob because I'm so sleepy after work right now hahaha

  3. Scheduling the time to exercise is great. I find that with out a schedule I don't tend to do what I should. Thanks for the post :)

  4. Great tips! Another tip might be to change up your workouts and try something different to combat boredom. Read health and fitness magazine and books for motivation. www.dashingdiva.net

  5. i really appreciate you bringing those yummy peppermint/chocolate amazeballs to the party last week! :) mmmmmmm

  6. Great tips. I have a hard time remembering to drink more water during the winter months or when I'm not very active {like right now since I'm dealing with an injury ...}

  7. Thanks! You just reminded me that I need to have a glass of water:) (and maybe take a nap?)

  8. Great tips!!! I love the pic of your little one sleeping :)


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