It's only going to get colder

11 degrees is what I saw on the thermometer just before heading out the door for our 10 miler this morning. 

As I was getting my clothes ready last night, I paused for a moment to remember what I would need for a cold run.  It's been a fairly mild December up to this point and I've been a bit spoiled. 

Winter running tights - check
Winter weight running shirt - check
Beanie - check
Gloves - hmm...medium weight Under Armor or heavy duty LL Bean Thinsulate mittens - mittens it is

Next up, 2nd shirt or running jacket?  My thought was this: We're running by the river and who knows what the wind will be like there....jacket.  Definitely jacket.  I may or may not have said this aloud.  I do talk to myself quite a bit.  I'm crazy like that. 

I looked around for my neck gaitor, but couldn't find it. I'm pretty sure a certain 8 year old boy has stashed it somewhere.  No worries, after today's run, I ran to Reny's and got myself a new Columbia neck gaitor.  I'm all set for future runs now!

Then the normal stuff - socks, shoes, Garmin, gum, water

It was breezy out there today.  We met up for our 6:30 am run and ventured out on the rail trail.  All 6 of us.  

Here we are - after our 10 miler this morning. 

Jen, Jill, Carrie, Kim, Stacy, and Jess

11 degrees at the start and 20 degrees at the end, and it's only going to get colder.  Next comes the ice and snow.  Brrrr.....

One completely wiped little girl who wouldn't nap, but then found a cozy (ha)
spot in front of the woodstove. 

How was your run this weekend?  Is it getting chilly where you live? 

Also, what do you think about my new header?  I've been playing around a lot lately with new ones and can't seem to decide what I want for my new look.  I do want a clean look, but not too plain.  Be honest. 


  1. Wowzers, 10 degrees is COLD. It was a balmy 24 in IL this morning when we headed out. Good job on your run.

  2. Oh My Gosh 11 are a crazy person lol
    I really don't think I can run outside if the temps are under 30 degrees lol
    Cudos to you!

  3. You guys are great!! I did a quick run yesterday on the rail trail it was nice. When we started there was even snowflakes falling. I like the new header. Since having my girls I have rediscovered my love for pink :)

  4. It was unseasonably warm this weekend (40s and even into the 50s today), but the cold is coming so I will take it while I can. Santa is bringing me some gear (tights, shirt) so I can hopefully still get outside for some of my workouts (an be prepared for early spring if the snow gets too deep).

  5. I love the new header! If you have been to my blog, you know I love pink. Awesome job on your 10 miler. Looks like fun!

  6. That is so cold!!! I'm here in AZ complaining that it was too hot Saturday (in the 70's) LOL. Glad I found your blog, following your cold runs will be interesting. :) I think your header is looking good but still needs something else, it's a little too plain.

  7. Brrr.... This sounds like my run last weekend. Yesterday, however, it was quite warm in relation. Low 20s. lol.

    Nice job in the cold weather.

  8. brrrr is that dec F you are talking about??!!!!
    Sundays run was about 4 or 5 degC here, still in Capri's but long sleeves - my butt was cold though!!! Weird I know ;-)

  9. It is getting cold here, but not as cold as you! Yesterday on my run it started snowing... but didn't stick. mid 30s here. :)

  10. It has been getting colder here, not 11 degrees yet though! I'm sure my parents aren't enjoying the weather in Maine.

    My weekend run went well, my husband and I did 8.7 miles!

  11. I will be rethinking my definition of 'cold'! It's in the 50's here, so not bad at all. Love the new banner - it's so funky & fun!


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