Jingle Bell 5k & Team Rail Trail Chicks

Today was the Freeport Jingle Bell 5K.   There were well over 600 runners running the roads of Freeport, Maine this morning.  It was a pretty good turnout for a small town race.   It was not a PR kind of day for me, but it was for Carrie & Jill!

The girls and I met at 9:30 and went for a quick little warm up.  We stumbled upon Ward - during our warm-up.

What a great hubby for timing that one perfectly!

Then he got some great shots of us in our new shirts (made by Carrie).  She's so creative.

I love the backs of the shirts too!  
Team Rail Trail Chicks!  

Carrie & I started off the race together.  It was quite congested and super hard to get up to pace in the beginning.  Lots of people on a small side street = slow start.   I was happy to be able to run a race with Carrie today.  We've run a lot of the same races, but we've never run together.  This was super nice.

Also, I'd like to add that today we had beautiful weather - well, beautiful for December 4th in Maine, anyway.  During the race it was sunny and about 50 degrees.  I wanted to tear off my hat mid race, but the huge mess underneath prevented me from doing just that.  (Maybe my bad weather luck is over?)

Here we are coming up the last hill.   I (think I) love having Ward near the end of a race, shouting encouraging words to me.  The problem is that my iPod is so loud I don't really hear him, but I see his mouth moving and arms pumping, so I figure he must be saying something to get me moving.  Right?

well, he's not exactly one of the "chicks" - but he's my brother-in-law,
twin bro to the photographer & married to one of the chicks


Carrie & my friend Dan (didn't even know he was running today's race!)  

super pic of Carrie!



And I love having him at the end to take great pictures of me too.  Added bonus.

Overall time:  23:08 (I'm going by what the clock said when I crossed the finish line NOT the posted results on this due to the 12 sec difference), my place for age group 5/100 & I was the 13th woman to cross the line out of 600+ runners (let's say 620 or so because I know of a few people who ran but their names are not on the results list).    Not so bad, I guess & this year it was a real 5k (last year's was apparently something like 2.9 miles or something) & the course was all uphill on the return.  Ouch!

I hate it when I run a race and my name doesn't show up on the results.  Has this ever happened to you?


  1. Thanks for coming by my blog! I just realized you live in Maine--I lived there for a few years too, over in Cumberland. What a small world! :)

  2. I just found your blog today, congratulations on your race!

    I'm from near Mount Desert Island, Maine! I now live in Rochester, New York but I hope to run in some Maine races soon.

    I'm excited to follow your blog :)

  3. Yes, there was a race where my name didn't show up? Who know's, but you want it to that for sure!! Great shirts and pics, love the game faces you're all wearing. :) I hope to start running with people more once I get faster and a little more confidence in myself, I always worry I'll slow them down. Have a great Monday. Jessica


  4. This was just so much fun! I swear I was going to look like death in that picture, but it came out great! I can't understand the timing thing. I'm pretty sure my posted time was the gun time, but who knows?

  5. LOVE the Tshirts they are fantastic and a great time you ran, well done :-)

  6. Like your shirts! That is one of my favorite shades of blue. You guys took some great race pictures!


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