New Month, New Challenges

A new month is here and so are a few new challenges.  I don't know about you, but challenges are an incredible way to keep me motivated through the cold season.  

First off…12 Days of Fit @ Run With Jess

You can enter three ways each day - commenting on her blog, on her facebook page and on twitter.  

We are on the 4th day of the challenge & you get the chance to win each day.  Awesome! 

Next – The Running Mom is having a 100 miles in December, January, February challenge  She has an incredible list of prizes – especially the Garmin! 

HBBC is ongoing…. I’m not going to win anything with this one.  BUT, I love the personal challenge it offers.  I have found myself squeezing in yoga almost nightly this week. 

And, last but not least,  my household challenge – who can reach 1200 running miles in 2012 first?  Jen or Ward. 

As of 11/30, our mileage was:
Jen has 1177
Ward 1106

I “only” have 23 miles to go, BUT he’s base building right now and has been doing 6, 8, 10, mile runs during the week, when I can only get in 4 mile runs during the week.  It may be a close one.  I’ll keep you posted.  Do you think the “winner” at the Boudreau household should get a prize for reaching 1200 miles first? 

Also, just put this on your calendar.  I will be hosting a January challenge.  Keep coming back to see what I have in store!


  1. So many great ways to stay motivated! I need to keep track of what I'd probably be fun to see how I move every day!

  2. I love your household challenge - that's awesome!!! Good luck :)

  3. Ok, you've got to sneak in a few more miles to beat him! You need bragging rights in your house!

    looking forward to your challenge in Jan! Want to join me for a race in Jan? I think I want to do the Jimmy the Greek's race.


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