A Run With The Snowplows

If I wanted to get my run in today, it meant I had to do it before Ward went to work.  No biggie.   I enjoy running in the morning.   But this one was different than many of my recent morning runs. Maine finally got some snow this morning.  We only got a few inches and it was that awesome, wet & sticky snow.  You know that stuff.  Well, maybe you do.  Sorry, southerners!  Excellent snowball snow.

Anyway, the timing of my run was when the snow was still falling and the plow hadn't been down my road yet.  This made for the perfect combination to break out the Yak Trax.  My thought is that if I was running on my road, I'd need to jump off to the side when I saw a car coming and these babies would help out a lot.  And help they did.  Boy was it slick!

love love love my Mizuno Wave Rider 15s & my yak trax

I went out for 5 miles.  It was a recovery run as last night I did a 5.5 mile fartlek run.  I was out there with the snowplows this morning.

Now they weren't pushing that much snow, but it really seemed like it as they came toward me.   When they came my way, I got to the other side of the road - quickly.   I am grateful the traffic was on the light side this morning because if a car had been coming from behind me, I don't know what I would have done.  Perhaps jump into the woods?

Anyway, it was a refreshing run this morning.  I do enjoy the snow coming down and melting on my face and hearing the crunch of the snow beneath my feet.  I also enjoy the feeling of being a Tough Chik for sure after a run like this.  Incredibly empowering.

horrible pic - but I am sporting the snow on the hat

I must admit, my legs are feeling a little sore.  Which means, I am wearing my Aspaeris compression shorts.  They are the perfect recovery gear for me.  Review coming shortly.

After the run, and after a quick egg wrap and shower, I took the kids to Izzy's daycare Christmas party.
I've been a slacker this year and haven't gotten the kids to see Santa anywhere.   I don't have the patience to wait in line at the mall, and I just hadn't heard of any places for Santa visits locally.  So I was thankful Santa came to this party today and I could take some quick pics with the phone.

Izzy did NOT want to go up to Santa,
I am a bad mommy and kind of gave her a little push toward him.  But, hey, no tears!  

Miss Karen even wrapped up a book for Tucker.
She is the absolute best, ever.  

I apologize for the blur and not-so-hot quality of the pics.  That's what I get for not bringing the camera and having to rely on the phone.

A double bonus, is that after the party, Tucker actually stayed at daycare too (he hasn't gone there in years) to play with Miss Karen's son and Izzy wanted to stay, so I was kidfree for a few hours.  Since I had already gotten my run in, I went home and wrapped.  I know, I lead an exciting life.  This was a gift from heaven because I was really getting nervous about when I was going to fit in the wrapping.  I am happy to report that it is all done.

If you have kids, do you take them to see Santa every year?  When do you wrap the presents?  Does your husband help at all?  (Ward, I love you, but you are just as surprised as the kids on Christmas morning.  A little help would be nice once in a while!)


  1. I am totally the Santa at my house. Ugh. I would like some help too. But now I have my 12 yo! She's the best help.

    No run for me today--too freakin tired. I'm going to go tomorrow. Good job with the snow plows!

  2. My mother-in-law works for Missouri Farm Bureau in the HQ office and they host a small Christmas party one Saturday a couple of weeks before Christmas. They hire the BEST Santa (real whiskers and all) and I've taken my kids there the last few years. They serve milk, juice and donut holes afterwards and the kids get a little goody bag with some trinkets and candy canes. It rocks! I usually do ALL of the buying and wrapping (even for myself). It is a bit annoying, but I manage. This year, I banished the kids from the basement while I watched an R movie and wrapped almost all of the gifts. Other years, daddy took them places while I wrapped or I did it over lunch hours when they were at school. Whatever we have to do to make it work!

  3. Brrr that looks cold! Yep I'm a Southerner and a complete wimp in the winter. Great job on your run!

  4. it looks soooo beautiful there! haha on the husband, we are getting ready to do all our Santa stuff now because my husband works early tomorrow and Sunday. We will have everything ready so when we are gone to my sisters Santa would have come. Should be interesting but he WILL be helping (as he snores in his chair right now!) Merry Christmaas!!!

  5. I did Santa at the Mall with my oldest two for a couple of times, but they weren't so keen on it so I bagged the concept with the next one. We did go last year. But they wouldn't let me take pictures...they wanted me to buy one for $17! So there is no documentation of my kids with Santa :P

    Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  6. heeheehee, nope, mine is always just as surprised as Ward ;-)

    What an awesome dedicated run you had this morning. I've never run in the snow before but you are an inspiration. I was supposed to run today but got sidetracked and have everything ready for tomorrows big Christmas lunch so will be running Christmas day once presents are open :-)

    Wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas xx

  7. I am just learning the ropes of running in the snow and your pictures make me wish it would hurry up and snow good again here in southern NH! I'm ready for that "I-just-kicked-winter's-butt" feeling too.
    Merry Christmas ;)

  8. That's a bunch of snow! I'm glad my parents came to New York this year instead of us driving. I know that we are going to get slammed soon but I am enjoying Rochester's unusual snowless December.


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