Getting Myself Psyched Up for Tomorrow's Race

DSC_4612 by mainerunningphotos
DSC_4612, a photo by mainerunningphotos on Flickr.
Last year, the January Thaw took place the day after a blizzard. It was looking pretty gosh darn good that this year's race was going to be a lot different...but Mother Nature disagreed and dumped some snow and a lot of ice on Maine yesterday and today! Better yet - the temp at the start time tomorrow will be 17F with a windchill of 0F!~ Brrrrr!

I love, love, love it when Ward comes back to me and runs in with me.  

My best memories of this race last year was that Ward, Stacy and I all walked away as winners! Here we are - all of the overall and age group winners! Ward was 3rd overall and 2nd in his age group, I was 1st woman overall, and Stacy was 1st in age group! We rock.

Now I have to get my outfit ready for tomorrow!


  1. Good luck tomorrow!!!!!! 

  2. Wow that's awesome! Good luck tomorrow and try to stay warm!

  3. You MUST share your outfit for tomorrow -- I'm all kinds of interested in HOW one dresses for 17-degree weather with a wind chill of ZERO! Brrrrrrrrrrrrr is an understatement!!!! 

  4. Have a great race tomorrow ... Knock em dead !

  5. Have a great race! And like Jenn's Adventures - I would love to know how you dressed for the be warm, but stay comfortable during the run.

  6. Too cute. I love it too when my Dad runs back with me!  Hope you did awesome, can't wait for pictures! :)

  7. I hope the race went well!  The weather also decided to be mean to my husband and I for our 5K race today and dumped some snow and 18 degree temps on us!  It wasn't too bad, but running in the snow is tiring.


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