I don't know what to wear!

We had a glorious, unexpected week for temperatures in Maine.  For a majority of the week, we have temperatures ranging from in the 70's and 80's.   This was a real treat.  Although it was challenging adjusting to running in warmer temperatures with the rapid increase, it was still nice to wear a tank and skirt while running.

To be honest, yesterday morning, I was getting ready to head out for my 5 mile run and was quite stumped with figuring out what to wear.  It's like 1 week of glorious weather completely wiped out my memory in knowing what to wear for normal Maine weather.  

I couldn't bring myself to wear full length tights.  I should have, but I couldn't. So I opted to break in my Pride Socks winnings (from Penny at the Pink Hat Runner).   I was happy with the pride socks during the run.  They are a thicker sock, so I was nervous about rubbing and blisters, but that didn't happen at all.  They were cushy soft and fun to wear.  

I also couldn't decide if I was going to wear a cap or winter hat and gloves.  I decided to bring all of them with me and decide when I got to the rail trail.  

what to wear?  decisions, decisions

When I got there, I realized that it was a bit cooler along the river - closer to 33F, so I went for the gloves and winter hat.  

I also broke in my SPIband.  The capris I chose to wear did not have a bum pocket, and I needed something to put my keys into.   I won this a while back from Holly at The Pioneer Apron.  This little gem worked like a charm.  I didn't even notice it was on my wrist.  This is great for those days I'm going on a mid length run on the rail trail.  If I'm on a long run, I'll have my camelbak.  

it is so hard to take a picture one handed with my camera!

there you go, a better picture

5 miles done on the rail trail - 42 minutes (8:22 pace).  


  1. Yeah, we've had amazingly warm weather here too and then yesterday was cold and rainy. Bleh. And we have a frost warning for tomorrow. I really wish mother nature would choose a season and stick with it.

  2. Our weather has been crazy! Today was freezing when I volunteered at the 5 mile trail run. Great job on your race!

    1. I bet you were cold! And love that you volunteered today. You rock.

  3. I love those socks!!!!
    Great run. :)

  4. Great run! I have a Spibelt that I've worn for a run and loved it.

  5. Nice work! Hope the gets back to the 70's!

    1. I hope so too, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon. Well, here, anyway!

  6. Same exact problem here. So hard to dress "right" for the weather. Add in all of the weather changes and it's tough!

  7. Great socks!

    I used my spibelt for the first time on our trail run last Friday. I didn't have any pockets and I needed a place to put my keys and at first it was riding up but then it settled into place. I definitely like having somewhere to put my keys!

  8. Nice miles :-)
    I had the same dilemma on what to wear and chose wrong, yesterday I went out in LONG tights .... I shouldn't have, I was so hot I was gasping for water when I got in .... only did 2 miles!!!


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