Swallowed My First Bug of The Season

We have some big news here in Maine, it's summer!  Well, at least it feels like it anyway.  It is still March, but for the past few days, we've had this amazing heat wave with temps in the 70s and 80s and I'm loving it.  For the most part.  My body needs a little time to adjust to running in new temps.  Most of the time it is a gradual change.  The first cold run for the fall usually has me freezing and then by February, I don't even bat an eyelash at 10F and I think to myself - not bad for February!  I have gone from a 40 degree run Sunday morning with the girls to a 70 degree run Tuesday night to an 87 degree run tonight. Wow! 

Tonight's run wasn't the best of runs at all.   I didn't get out of the door until just before 5 pm.  Which means I was starving!  I did eat a lemon larabar at 4:30 hoping it would help me out for the run but I don't think it did.  It was hot.  I was thirsty.  I drank water all day long prepping for tonight's run - as a matter of fact I filled my Nalgene bottle 5 times today - that would be 120 ounces of water.  For some reason my beloved Brooks Pure Connects decided to piss me off and give me blisters and my feet just ached the entire time.  I did have my phone and I really thought about calling Ward several times to just come and get me but I couldn't bring myself to call.  I wasn't in any pain, I was just not having a good run.  I needed to get over this and just power through it.  And that I did.  Overall time 1:10 for 8.10 miles.  And did I mention, I swallowed my first bug.  Gross!   I know there will be many more.  The first one always throws me for a loop.  Not my best time, not my worst time, so overall just a blah kind of run.  We all have them.  Now I need to move on. 

The first thing I did when I got home was mix up a coconut water and Neocell Collagen Belgium Chocolate protein drink.  Oh yum! 

coconut water

add in belgium chocolate collage protein powder, shake
 and you get this delightful treat

Photo Of The Day Catch Up -
#20 - Before and After

before my run
 (note, it's wasn't really 3:43...I am too lazy and haven't changed this clock yet)

after my run....only dropped 5 degrees...

Another set of befores & afters just for fun....

My the little strap piece broke on my garmin - so I bought the replacement band.

I don't really like how the band is black/gray and my watch is green, but it is far more comforable and fits way better.  I'll take it and just have to get over the looks. 

Photo Of The Day #21 - Delicious

My lunch for the week.  Quinoa Caprese salad.  I spotted this simple recipe on pinterest and it is filling and delicious. 

 Photo Of The Day #22 - Kitchen Sink

Here is my lovely kitchen sink.  I do like the old soapstone sinks we have here.  Ward customized the sink area to make these two work.  I love the wide shallow one and then the deeper one.  These sinks completely fit in well with our old farmhouse. 


  1. I love the sink and could happily live in a farmhouse forever.

  2. These temperatures are crazy.. my tulips have already come and gone and it's not even April 1 yet! That salad looks yum! Have a great weekend.

  3. LOVE your kitchen sinks, they are amazing.
    And I am SO going to have to learn to run with my mouth closed otherwise I'll be a bug catcher extraordinaire :-(

  4. I just switched out the band on my garmin too - the fabric strap is so much better, though it annoys me that it doesn't match too!

  5. I've swallowed my share of bugs...riding my bike. Hasn't happened to me running....yet ;) I can't say I'm looking forward to the day lol

  6. I LOVE that sink. Beautiful!

  7. First bug does = spring! Awesome

  8. Wow, what a temp swing! That's crazy. Glad you are getting good weather there. It is still cold here in Seattle although the sun is shining. I would much rather swallow a bug than get one stuck in my eye,which is usually what happens to me:) Extra protein right? Have a great weekend!

  9. I also have a fabric strap. In fact I switched mine bc the kit I have for it now I can put the garmin on my wrist or on a mounted bike piece. Uber easier than trying to take my hand off the bar and twist to get to the button when riding.

  10. Isn't this weather crazy?? I'm dreading when reality comes back. 50 will seem frigid! I've got the same Garmin. They really need to work on the quality of the strap. Mine is only a few months old but I don't think it will last too long.

  11. I had a rocky evening run tonight, too! I was trying to get in a virtual 10k race and wanted to quit many times, but finally powered through. UGH. But an hour ten minutes is pretty impressive for 8 miles on a hot day! Way to stick with it and get it done. :)

  12. I am so over this whole summer in March thing. Not a fan of the heat.

    Lovely sink! I'm jealous!

  13. I hear bugs have lots of protein...lol!

  14. Great job on your run! I got a bug in my eye last week while we were cycling, it was annoying!

    Mike uses the same strap for his Garmin and I think he likes it!


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