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When I came home from work and saw the box from Altra – I tore into the sucker like I was a 5 year old on Christmas morning.  I was beyond excited to receive these shoes!  More importantly, I think the fantastic people at Altra knew I am a purple person.  When I saw that they sent me purple Delilahs, I nearly peed my pants in excitement.

aren't they beautiful?  

And because I have zero patience, I put the shoes on immediately and went for a run.  Dinner could wait.   I didn't want to overdo it, so I went for a quick 3 miler.  I really enjoyed the lightness and the ability to feel exactly where I was landing each foot strike.    

I truly have a shoe problem and I love taking pictures of shoes

Did you notice that the laces are purple in the picture above?  Yes, in the box was extra pair of laces in purple.  Obviously I was going to be switching out the black laces for purple ones.  A no brainer for me. 

I have since worn these shoes for my shorter runs during the week.  I've gone up to 4 miles in them and they feel great.  As with any transition to zero drop, the transition should be slow.  I don't want to overdo it and injure myself especially with Reach the Beach coming up, so I'm taking it easy.  

a bit dirty - but that's what happens when one wears them all of the time!

Altra does suggest that people taking the minimalist route do need to take their time.  In the literature provided by Altra, I came across this factoid

"A lifetime of wearing an elevated heel has neutralized your Achilles and lower calf... They need time to re-develop.  It is highly recommended to listen to your body.  Start with very short distances and slowly work your way up (a few minutes at a time).  This will allow your muscles and tendons the necessary time to adapt back to their natural state & into the Altra experience!"

For additional information regarding transition, please check out Altra's site here.

What do I love about the Delilahs:

  • Wide toe box - Perfect for my freakishly wide feet equipped with bunions. 
  • Zero Drop – love. 
  • Weight - 6.5 oz.
  • They are purple!  I know, I shouldn't like a shoe because of it's color, but it does help.  

In addition to running, these shoes are excellent for everyday wear as well.  I've worn them to school.  

I must be one of the most casual dressed teachers around...
but at least I look cool sporting my purple Horny Toad pants with my Delilahs!

I've worn them for my trek around Boston while spectating the Boston Marathon.  I made sure to make it to the Altra exhibit at the Boston Marathon expo on Sunday.  I really wanted to try on the Intuition to compare with the Delilahs.  The 12 mm sole did make a difference.  Verdit – my next running shoe will be the Intuitions for the longer runs.  The only bummer is that they aren’t as pretty as the Delilahs.  I think Intuitions have an odd appearance to them but this is when wide toe box and comfort are more important than looks.   

I wore my Delilahs all over Boston on Sunday and Monday.  Afterwards, my legs still felt great.  I wish I could say the same for my hip and arms from holding a 35 pound toddler all day.  But at least my feet and calves were not aching. 

I even wore them for a 4 mile hike with the kids on Friday.  I was a bit nervous that the thin sole would be an issue with the rocks but they were not an issue.   But again, my feet felt incredible after the hike. 

rocks, sand, gravel were nothing for these shoes - they were perfect for the hike
I also need to mention this - the wide toe box on this shoe is amazing.  Yes, I have bunions - but I also have the funkiest little toes.  I actually returned the Brooks Pure Connects (mens) because they were still too narrow and really irritated my left little toe.  From time to time, I feel some weird rubbing in other shoes with that freaky little toe, but not in the Delilahs.

pic of ugliest feet around - gross toe 
And the best thing of all - these are women's shoes, designed specifically for women. It seems like forever since I've been able to wear a pair of women's shoes and not feel any pain.  Thank you, Altra for providing me with this amazing experience.

I was provided a pair of Altra Delilahs free of charge in exchange for a review.   All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I have the Intuitions and love them! I'd be super excited to try these. Glad you are enjoying them so far!

  2. They are really adorable and sound like great shoes. I hear you about the shoulders and toddlers.. sometimes I have to carry two of them, which gets more and difficult as the years pass. Anyway, I'll put these on my wish list.

    1. You are a super star carrying two kids at a time!!! At least you are evened out (sorta) - one on each side! ha ha!

  3. Man, I'm dying to try these things. I feel your pain with the toes - I have really wide feet to begin with and then a little toe that is frankenstein-ish. How do they feel cushy-wise? I"m so worried they'll feel too thin!

    1. Jenn - the Delilahs were super thin - but the Intuitions have a 12 mm sole - thin, but at least there is something more there. I do think you'll love the space in the toe box!

  4. Those are really cute shoes and thank you for pointing out the wide toe box. I have extremely weird toes, I am not brave enough to post a picture. Wide is what I need or I am miserable. Great review!

    1. I've been wearing mens shoes for such a long time because of the wide's nice to wear women's again!

  5. I was kinda skeptical about them to be honest but I keep hearing great reviews about them. South Sound Running are not fans of them at all so naturally they don't really have anything good to say. I think I might check these out though! I love how big the toe box is! Seems like that would be golden for people with wide flintstone feet like me :D

    1. I think you should at least try them on to decide for yourself. Zero drop isn't for everyone but they may be for you! :)

  6. I am working a pair of Delilahs into my routine right now, too. I've been in 4mm drops for some time, but want to go "all the way" to zero. I love the wide toe box and am excited to make these a regular part of my routine!

    1. So happy you are liking your Delilahs! How far have you run in yours? I'm thinking I may try out a 5k in them on Sunday!

  7. Coolness!!! I've never heard of these before! Thanks for the review :) Oh, and the purple laces rock ;)

    1. I hadn't heard of them until recently and then I just really kind of became obsessed!

  8. I LOVE my altras! I also love the wide toe box and zero drop. Mine aren't cute and purple like yours though!


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