Some Like It Hot

Last Monday, Stacy and I ventured out to a hot yoga class at Wicked Good Yoga in Wiscasset.   It completely made sense to me to try out a hot yoga class when this is what I saw for a temperature on my way to class.  Brrr.

Dear Spring - we want the 70 & 80 degree days back.
I know we live in Maine but I don't like being cold anymore.  

What I liked about this class - 
1.  I love that the instructor walked around and adjusted us (me) when needed - I'd much rather be corrected than think that I'm doing it right when I'm actually not.  
2.  The class was 90 minutes long (although I could only stay for 75 of it because Ward had a soccer game, so I had to rush to get home)
3.  I loved that it was hot in the room - I felt like I was able to get more out of the class and the stretches.
4.  Some of the poses were a bit different than what we've been doing in our regular yoga class and I like the change in routine.
5.  The room is set at 90 degrees and 60% humidity.  

What I learned about myself and hot yoga - 
1.  I was a little nervous (okay, a lot) about hot yoga so I drank a ton of water prior to class and 1/2 way through the class I thought my bladder was going to burst.  I hated having to sneak off downstairs to use the facilities.  
2. I should not have worn shorts - I was slipping all over the place!  Next time wear my yoga capris.  
3.  I need a new mat.  The piece of crap (cheapo Target mat) was falling apart before my eyes during class and I had little bits of purple stuck all over my legs.  
4.  I felt incredible after this class - quite relaxed and yet, still like I had a great workout.  I did feel the burn in my shoulders for a couple of days after the class as well.  Another great sign (to me) that I got in a good workout.  

This is when I wished I lived a bit closer to Wiscasset because I would definitely go again.  I really don't have the extra hour in my day for driving, especially when my work commute is already close to an hour and a half (which includes day care pickup/drop off).   This means weekday yoga classes are probably not going to work for me at all; however, there are always Saturdays and then there's this awesome thing that is only 44 school days away called summer.  Perhaps I can get there more often.  


  1. I haven't done hot yoga yet, but I can't flippin' wait since it's so cold here, too!! I used to do Bikram all the time though, so I pretty much know what to expect. Fingers crossed for more Sunday yoga days for you:)

  2. I LOVE hot yoga.
    it stretches me.
    body and mind.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE hot yoga (and all forms of yoga for that matter)
    and yes a good mat is a 'must have'

    1. What are your yoga mat suggestions? I am becoming a yoga addict. I just need a studio closer to home and I'd be there all of the time!

  4. I enjoyed Bikram when I did it - except for the SMELL! Man, that was something I just couldn't get past, the local studio was carpeted, so it was saturated with the buckets of sweat from the classes! Yuck!

    1. Gross! Wicken Good Yoga has beautiful bamboo flooring - and I didn't notice any gross smells. Thank goodness for that.

  5. I haven't done hot yoga yet, only "regular" yoga and I still sweat! I have to use a towel on my mat so I don't slide everywhere!

    1. I know what you mean - I slip all of the time with "regular" yoga too!

  6. Glad you liked it! I like hot yoga too, but haven't been in a while. Too bad it's so far away:(

  7. So happy you liked it! I just started a few weeks ago and totally fell in love!

  8. I liked Bikram, but found that I just couldn't carve that amount of time out of my day. Luckily I've found a close by "warm yoga" that does Vinyasa flow that I love.

  9. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! I hate when I drink too much and feel like I am going to burst! I had an ultrasound (not for pregnancy, just some stomach issues) once and the amount of water I had to drink for that almost killed me!

  10. Sounds so great! I've never tried hot yoga but I need to. I also need a better yoga mat. : )


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