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Jam Packed Weekend

I seriously think I need a day off to recover from this crazy weekend.  I'm completely wiped right now!

Saturday was packed with working at the gym (love this job!) and then a BBQ with my college friends.  I love that we have been getting together for 12 years.  As we caught up with each other about the happenings in our lives - I came to realize how many runners we have in our group.  I really do not think a single one of us ran in college and to see us transforming into runners is absolutely amazing to me.  I love this!  

Sunday was a long run with the girls and we had a special guest join us for a bit of it - RTB teammate Andy came down to the trail to join us.  Technically, he was already there running, so I guess we joined him?  He ran with us for about 30 minutes before he had to head out ditched us.  It amazed me that he was showed up because this guy biked 100 miles the day before.  He is badass.   Anyway, I should add that coming into this run, I had taken two days rest…

And why don't we do this more often?

Last night the girls and I took Hallowell by storm.  Yes, we are wild like that.  We set out for a night on the town to celebrate slightly belated birthday for our gal, Stacy.  Life has been a bit busy lately and that was the only night the majority of us girls could get together.  Each time we got out, we end up at the same place - Slates in Hallowell.

Before we could even look at the menu we were asking our waitress about the drink specials, more specifically margaritas.  She barely finished uttering the words "Blood Orange" when we said just about simultaneously, "I'll take that."  

A little backstory here, last weekend, our teammate, Andy was wearing some sweet aviators for our relay race.  Unfortunately, for him, he misplaced them somewhere in Jill's truck.  After some searching on Jill and Andy's behalf, the glasses were still missing.  But by some minor miracle, Jill's husband, Wade found them in the truck.  Yay for Andy but first we were go…

One Heck of An Experience: RTB

Last Friday/Saturday was the Reach the Beach:Massachusetts relay race.  It's Wednesday and I'm finally feeling rested/focused enough to put this together.  It was an amazing experience and I can only hope my recap can capture these feelings. 

Being a huge ball of nervousness, I was up well before my 4am alarm.  Great, just great.  Starting this sleep deprived weekend with even less sleep!  I got up, had my coffee and showered knowing it was going to be quite a while until I was able to shower again.  I made my rounds - kissing the kids and husband goodbye while they slept ever so peacefully and then laid out some small gifts for the kids with their notes and a sweet little note for the husband, wishing him luck at Sugarloaf on Sunday.  Then I was loading up the car and heading over to Jill's house.

I told Jill I would be at her house around 5.   Again, because I was so anxious about this, I was at her house around 4:45 loading up the truck.  Ooops!

We met Stacy and Carrie…

Meet The Team

As you know, my Friday and Saturday will be consumed by a 200 mile, 2-day relay race otherwise known as Reach The Beach.  My friend, Sarah, also our team captain, assures me that this kind of thing is fun.   We shall see.

Of course I'll be taking tons of pictures before, during and after the race that I'll be sharing with you after the race.

In the meantime, I'd like to introduce the team to you.

Team Need For Speed! 

Sarah and Rudley
Aka Captn Fancypants and Mr. Fancypants. Sarah has bounced back like a crazy lady. Sarah was on a RTB team last spring but couldn't run due to an injury. However, she had the necessary surgery and listened to her doctors and here she is! Ready to take on RTB with her incredible husband! 

Hey look, I'm putting Eric first!  He is Andy's twin but was the 2nd born and has been trying to catch up since.  Today, he's first. ( Just because I'm married to a twin that was born 2nd.  I feel for you Eric! So, back to Eric …

Lookie Here!

Ward has got the be the greatest husband ever!  Look what he came home with for me -

Of course we don't have that kind of money just laying around, or I'd be driving a  nicer car for sure.  We're just super fortunate he works at LL Bean  has great benefits (like the eStore) - so we got a fabulous deal on this bike.  

A Specialized Sequoia Elite road bike.  Yippie!    I see a lot of biking in my future.