And why don't we do this more often?

Last night the girls and I took Hallowell by storm.  Yes, we are wild like that.  We set out for a night on the town to celebrate slightly belated birthday for our gal, Stacy.  Life has been a bit busy lately and that was the only night the majority of us girls could get together.  Each time we got out, we end up at the same place - Slates in Hallowell.

the best margarita hands down

Before we could even look at the menu we were asking our waitress about the drink specials, more specifically margaritas.  She barely finished uttering the words "Blood Orange" when we said just about simultaneously, "I'll take that."  

I think Jill needs some aviators, don't you?  

A little backstory here, last weekend, our teammate, Andy was wearing some sweet aviators for our relay race.  Unfortunately, for him, he misplaced them somewhere in Jill's truck.  After some searching on Jill and Andy's behalf, the glasses were still missing.  But by some minor miracle, Jill's husband, Wade found them in the truck.  Yay for Andy but first we were going to have some fun with them.   

And then here we are, all dressed up.  Who knew we owned "normal" clothes?   We had a fabulous night, with tons of laughter.

The next round of birthdays is in August, but I seriously do not think we should wait that long until we go out.  I'm thinking once a month.  


  1. I could totally have gone for that night out. Next time maybe add on and do something AFTER dinner and drinks. :) And I completely vote for 1/month (more if possible, but I know how insane it is to find a night everyone can go).

  2. That looks like a lot of fun! That drink does sound pretty amazing, even though I rarely drink :)

  3. looks like fun! I am seriously overdue for a girls night!

  4. Nothing like a really fun girl's night!

  5. haha @ "normal clothes".
    glad you got to go out... its great to do that isn't it? much needed time, but we often forget.



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