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Update (6/20/12)
I completely forgot to post the winners - but rest assured, I did email them and they already confirmed what they would like.  
Congrats to:
Carrie @ Maine Mom on The Run
Jill @ One Tough Cookie and a Beer 
Meredith @Dare You To 

Runners need happy feet.   I think the nail polish really adds the happy touch on my feet because we know they definitely are not pretty!  

Needing happy feet means sometimes we need to take extra measures to take care of them.  Profoot could be the perfect place for you to turn for your foot needs.   I was contacted by Profoot a bit ago to try out some of their products.  I was happy to do so and Izzy, of course, was pleased to be my little model for the photo shoot.  

First up - The 2 oz Miracle orthotics

These are great!  I cut them to size.  Trust me, this is easy because all you had to do is cut along the lines.  They are incredibly thin and easy to fit in just about any shoe.  

Next up, Plantar Fasiitis Inserts

I do not suffer from PF (thank goodness for that!) but from time to time, I do experience some achiness in the heel area.  My solution to that was to add these little pads to the shoes.   Just by adding in this little bit of padding, the achiness disappeared.  That was just too easy.  

Next up, Moleskin

A few months ago, I was wearing the Brooks Pure Connect (Mens) and they were still too narrow for my feet.  It took me a few weeks of a horrible rubbing sensation going on on what used to be my little toe for me to finally convince myself they weren't the shoe for me and to return them.   The next shoe, the Asics Fuji was much better but from time to time, they rubbed the same spot as well!  Needless to say, those shoes have been returned.  Unfortunately, I'm still left with a disgusting toe that has been rubbed for months and now it has a weird looking callus on it.  Profoot came to the rescue with it's moleskin.  

Do you see the ugly toe?  This is after the Callus Blaster (see below) - blasted away the most horrid looking callus.   

These little pieces of soft heaven wrap around my trouble spots and help out.    I did try them out with my ugly toe and the Asics that were rubbing the heck out of them.  Unfortunately, the moleskin didn't stay in place and I still had some rubbing.  Determined to see if the moleskin would work with normal, everyday wear, I tried it out at school and they worked like a charm.  

Next up, Callus Blaster

First of all, I love the name.  If you had gross feet like me and crazy calluses too, I bet you'd love it too. 

Nasty feet coming your way.....

To be honest with you, Ward said the callus remover wasn't going to be enough and that I was going to need a belt sander.  Yes, that's how gross my feet were.  I love the support, Ward.  Really, I do.  

But I proved him wrong.  In 1 week - I Callus Blaster turned this grossness into this....and it was easy.  Only 3 minutes a night.  I rubbed the Callus Blaster on my horrid areas, waited 3 minutes, hobbled over to the sink and washed the goo off with some soap and water, then dried it off.  And on the plus side, my fingers were nice and smooth too.   Just an added bonus.  There were feeling a little rough from all from all of the gardening I've been doing lately anyway. much better.  

Three days later & my feet are still nice and smooth.  

And last but not least, Goodnight Bunion

We all know I have bunions.  Only once in a while they do bother me, like if I'm wearing some shoes that are a little too narrow or when the mileage starts to drastically increase with marathon training.  I've tried yoga toes before and the worked okay, but these really straighten out my toes.  Better yet, they don't feel uncomfortable at all.  The only downside is that it is impossible to hobble around with them on, so either you have to make sure you are staying in bed for the night or you just have to take them off if you decide to get up and get something/anything.  

gorgeous, huh?

They definitely are not pretty, but they do the job.  The directions say to wear them to bed, and I've only done that a couple of times.  Usually I'm tearing them off by midnight, which means I've had them on my feet for nearly 3 hours, which is a good (enough) chunk of time.  

Profoot has much more to offer on their site.  The prices are reasonable and the products are perfect if you have ailments with your feet or just want to pamper them.  

Are you ready for the giveaway part?  Of course you are.  ProFoot has offered three of my readers a chance to win one of the following - the Moleskin, Plantar Faciitis, or the Miracle.  3 winners, 3 different prizes.  

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Please note: ProFoot provided me with these products for the purpose of an honest review. I was not compensated for this review in any way and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.


  1. These all look great! I h ave "ugly" feet too, maybe I should tart painting my toenails!

  2. I'd love to enter this giveaway but I do not have Facebook :(

  3. Your toenails are so cute! I love the little dots:)

  4. Great review! I am intrigued by that callous blaster... the bottoms of my feet look just like yours did, and I am so impressed that it worked that quickly!

  5. I posted about feet today too! But mine is more of a 'beauty' issue... your feet look great!

  6. So many people I know are posting about feet right now!! Feet are so gross but man if they don't look pretty they are even worse! LOL

  7. I have suffered plantar fasciitis in the past and it's no picnic. I always wear insoles with support in my running shoes. Those callous blasters look pretty interesting too.

  8. Great products!! Your toenails are cute! :) Love that Callus Buster -- I definitely need that!!

  9. Im not even a runner and I have um uh some uh feeeeet in need of a FEETervention :-)

  10. LOVE the toes! OMG...the blister on the forefoot...OUCH...have had many of those. Your model is adorable:) HA! HA!

  11. I must try the callus blaster. Think it would work on the heels?!??

  12. we certainly earn our "ugly feet" huh??
    mine are toast :)


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