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Marathon Training Check -In

Where in the world did July go?   I cannot believe that it's over and tomorrow is August 1st! 

Marathon training is in full swing at this point. I just finished week 7.   Week 7?  Really?   I only recapped Week 1 here.  Instead of boring you to death, I'm just going to skip ahead to week 7.

I've completely changed my plan and I've decided to mesh Train Like a Mother with Ward's plan. As I was following TLAM's plan, I noticed Ward's plan still hanging by the calendar and thought "why not?". His plan was rather intense (for me) and called for several 50+ mile weeks. Eeek! I'm not there yet. I will be, but not right now. So I modified it to call for 40+ mile weeks. Let's just call it a happy medium. His plan also has 5, 20 milers in there. I am going to up the anti a little there and shoot for a few of those to be 21 or 22 milers.

This past Sunday I did run my first 20+ run and ended up with 21.5 miles! I was terribly ner…

(Wax) Bean Salad & An Inspired Recipe

The garden is begining to bust out the wax beans which means I get to try out some fun new recipes. Of course I turned to my favorite cookbook- Pinterest - for ideas.

I found this incredible recipe and I had almost everything with the exception of the green onions and parsley - so I just omitted them and I didn't have dijon mustard which I substituted regular yellow mustard. It was incredible! If you like tomatoes, goat cheese and wax beans, I think you should definitely make this. The best part - Ward is not a fan of goat cheese or tomatoes so it was ALL MINE!

Next up, I was inspired by Heather's Eggplant Mushroom Lentil Burgers the other day, but wasn't feeling  the burger part.  So I opted to make an Eggplant, Mushroom, Roasted Red Pepper Pizza instead.  I had two pizza crusts to use up so I made the kids a cheese one and made myself the delicious pizza.  Ward was missing, so he completely missed out. 

- 1/2 of a baby eggplant, cut into strips
- 1/2…

Thankful Thursday

Today I have plenty to be thankful for.
 My family

My Chickens These ladies are going to give us plenty of eggs (any day now!!!)

The Garden Jill & I have grown a very successful garden and will be providing our families with plenty of delicious vegetables.

What are you thankful for today?  (or anyday)

A Couple of Great Hydration Accessories

Water is something that we cannot deny our bodies.  We need it in order to function.  I could go on and on about the necessities of water and why we need it, but I'm pretty sure you know hydration is necessary. 
Hydration isn't only important in the summer.  It's important year round.  However, I will say that as the temperatures outside increase, keeping my body hydrated during runs becomes more challenging, to say the least.  Of course, I'm training for a fall marathon which means running during the summer months is unavoidable.  I could run inside on the treadmill - all summer long - but I really don't enjoy treadmill running that much.  Note: I'm not saying I'm against treadmill running.  I'm simply saying I prefer to run outside.
I never would have considered running with something in my hands until that super hot day and my final leg at Reach the Beach, when I ran with a plastic water bottle for the first 3 miles, then grabbed another one for th…


Today marks a very special day in our life.   Where have the years gone?  It seems like only yesterday he was this tiny little guy. 

Now he's growing up. 

This boy means the world to me. 

We'll be spending your special day at the cottage -  jumping, splashing, and lounging in the water - just as you wanted. 
Happy Birthday, Tucker!  I love you.

I LOVE Chike (+Giveaway)

A few weeks ago I received a package in the mail.  I love it when UPS and FedEx come to my house with goodies for me - especially when the goodie in the box is delicious and coffee.  I do love my coffee. 

This package was filled with a Chike Shaker bottle and Chike Ice Coffee packets.  I have to say that I quite impressed with Chike. 

My thoughts on Chike Iced Coffee - The taste is very similar to a Starbucks frappucino - but packed with vitamins and protein and far less calories.  There is no aftertaste. The taste is smooth, no clumps.  Travels well with the premeasured packets. Low calories makes it a great protein drink to drink in addition to food and doesn't have to be a meal replacement.  I know some people really enjoy meal replacement protein drinks - but I actually need to chew food.  As you can tell, I am quite happy with Chike.  It really is not like any other protein drinks I've had before and I'm quite pleased with everything about it.  Sometimes I tend…

The Hardest Run Yet

Sunday morning, Carrie and I met up bright and early for our 18 mile run adventure.   It's been rather hot and humid lately and we wanted to get the run done before it got too unbearable. 

I lured Carrie to my house with the promise of Ward making us scones and having coffee ready when we arrived...and it worked.   Carrie met me at my house and in a few short moments we were off.  I had planned for Carrie and I to run a route in the more rural sections of Gardiner and Richmond, away from our beloved rail trail, mostly to add variety to our running and maybe a little challenge or two.  However, less than a mile into the run, the deer flies were eating us alive (even after a pause to apply insect repellent) so we aborted the plan and just ran down to the rail trail.   It was going to be an out and back, but we knew the route (very well) with the addition of running from my house and back to it - which did mean adding in some hills. 

Here's some of the highlights:
- it was humi…

CLICK winner

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday!  We've had some gorgeous weather for the past week and I've been loving being outside with the kids. 

A congratulations goes out to ......

You are the winner of the CLICK giveaway!  Please email me at runningwiththegirls AT gmail DOT com so you can claim your prize.  

Bond Brook 5k Series - Race #1 Recap

Last summer Ward, Wade and Joe started running the Bond Brook 5K Trail Series.The races took place on a Thursday night on the trails by the airport in Augusta.At first, I had zero interest in running the race and thought they were just plain old crazy for doing these races.But then I took the kids with me one night to spectate and take pictures and my mind was forever changed.Each week, it was usually the same group of runners.Sometimes there were some who only came once or twice, but for the most part, the group remained the same.Watching this group of runners take off into the woods and then crossing the finish line with a mix of exhilaration and pure exhaustion was amazing.As a runner, it was difficult for me to stand there and watch runners cross the finish line while I stood there with the kids.I thought that I could at least do my part and take pictures of the runners crossing the finish line and share those pictures online.
This year I was bound and determined to do this 5k that…

Let's Sweat Pink, Shall We?

Recently I was selected to be one of the newest Sweat Pink Fit Approach Ambassadors.  Fit Approach was founded by cousins, Alyse and Jamie.  The Fit Approach Mission is simple:

I am more than excited to be part of this outstanding group of exercise enthusiasts!  Not only am I part of a supportive community of women around the United States (and beyond), I also received some fun swag.  First of all - my most favorite tank in the world. 

I wear this tank just about everywhere - running on the trail, doing yoga, hanging out at home, working in the garden, running errands, and working at the gym.

And PINK shoelaces.  Spreading the Sweat Pink love with PINK shoelaces is such a clever idea. I'll be spreading the Sweat Pink love locally. First I'm starting with my girls. Then I'm going to start passing them out at local events, on the rail trail and when I work at the KVHC. 

Check out how Sweat Pink shoelaces make my men's shoes prettier and faster!

You should definitely che…

Are YOU the lucky winner?

And the winner for the Tropical Traditions Coconut Oil is......

Congratulations!  I will be emailing you shortly. 

Have you entered my CLICK giveaway yet?

Bike Riding Big Girl Style

I have BIG news!Izzy is riding a big girl bike.

Our friends gave us their daughter’s old princess bike with training wheels and Izzy wanted to ride it immediately.The protective momma in me didn’t think she was ready for it.I didn’t want her to fall and get any more boo boos (believe me, she has plenty!).We have a rocky driveway that really isn’t the best for a beginner bike rider.Then there’s the hill.I don’t know why, but the kids are naturally drawn to it and insist on going down the hill.Even on the first go of riding a bike.

Nervous momma here had her hand ready to steady this big girl going down the hill.I know someday she’ll take a digger going down the hill, but it wasn’t going to be today!

CLICK with Summer (+Giveaway)

Awhile back I reviewed Mocha CLICK.CLICK can be enjoyed hot or cold and I did just that.It can be enjoyed for pre-workout/post-workout or a mid-day pick-me-up.Anyway you drink CLICK, it is just enjoyable.

Recently, I was sent the Vanilla Latte CLICK package - complete with canister, blender bottle and CLICK Bondi band.  I wasn’t sure if I’d be a fan of this flavor, but it is absolutely delicious.Because it’s summer, I’ve only been enjoying it cold.
After my solo 15 miler, I joined the girls for some beach time and brought along an Iced Vanilla Latte.
CLICK is quick to make.I just add water, a scoop (or two) of CLICK, some ice cubes, screw on the cap and shake.In addition to being quick, it’s a refreshing drink as well. You can get creative and try out different combinations.  One of my favorites was:
If you'd like to try out CLICK, you can go here to try out a buy one get one free sample pack. 

By now, I’m sure you are ready for me to move onto the giveaway part of this post.CLICK ha…

LL Bean 10K Recap

A few years ago, we took the leap from 5ks to 10ks with the LL Bean 10K.The deal breaker for us to make the leap was the promise of free shoes.For a few years, LL Bean offered a pair of New Balance running shoes if you were one first 400 lucky ones to register.This year the race director changed the shoe policy and changed it to a lottery system if you signed up by a certain date.To be honest, I’ve never been a huge fan of the New Balance model we given, but Ward always liked his.It seems like the LL Bean gods were listening, because I did not win the shoe lottery, but Ward did.Lucky guy!

If you ever make it to the area, you should definitely try out this race.The course is challenging yet it takes you through some beautiful areas of Freeport.Crowd support is also a bonus here.I love seeing the families sitting at the end of their driveways, sipping away at their coffee (or mimosa), cheering on the runners.I thoroughly enjoy the person always has their hose spraying over the road to of…