I Cannot Believe August is Over Already!

I had HIGH hopes of August being a rockstar month. I really did. But my body had some other plans in store for me. I missed a few key days in the marathon training world. A week that called for 44 miles actually earned a whopping 11 miles. Do I regret taking those days off? Absolutely not! My body was screaming at me to stop and rest and I'm proud to say I listened (this time).

I eased back into the running after that recharge week and I'm happy to report that I'm feeling incredible. I've had some pretty fantastic runs this week.

Monday - 6 mile progression run at 4-dark o'thirty in the morning!
Tuesday - 6 mile hilly run on the "other" side of town - by my new workplace
Wednesday - 3.5 mile hilly-ish run on my road!  It's been a looooonnng time since I've run this route.  It felt incredible to be back on my road again.  I was still looking for those weirdos - but I had had my phone with me and was ready to call for help asap!

Thursday - 4 miles on the rail trail w/ Izzy in the jogger & Tucker "racing" me on his bike.

So far this week I've logged 19.5 miles!

That brings August to total of:  143 (down from 150 last month)

And that brings my 2012 total to:   993.35!  

Now - what do I have in store for this weekend & to kick off September?  A 22 miler on Saturday with a recovery run (not sure how long yet - 3? 4? miles) on Sunday.  But I am slightly worried about Saturday's run because being back to school means wearing some shoes that aren't running shoes or sandals - I thought I'd try to look more professional in these shoes.

Which gave me two small blisters. That's what I get for wearing Target shoes.  Ugh!


  1. I cannot believe September is really here. How'd that happen? And you're still a rockstar ;-)

    Speaking of, I'll be nominating you for an award when I get my post out later today

  2. It's hard when you have to start wearing dressy shoes. Not so good on your feet. You had a great month! Nice work!

  3. I spent my morning coffee shoe shopping on line...I can't imagine putting any heels on for school, although I'm usually known for my fashionista tendancies (almost necessary at middle school, non?) I've sprained my foot (yep, my foot, not my ankle) falling off of heels twice before and I don't want to risk it before my half marathons this month. I'm thinking I might be able to get away with those cutesy mary-jane fashion sneakers or something. I'm sure my 8th grade girls will have something to say about it one way or another. I'm heading to Famous Footwear to take advantage of my coupons this weekend I think! (I also could use new running shoes...I seem to have about 350 miles, but I'm starting to get the tell tale back aches and hip cracking I usually get in the spring. Could that be right? Seems like a bad value :/ I think it makes sense though, since this is the longest consecutive time frame I've been running. I usually start in the spring and crap out by mid summer! I usually get a new pair in the spring)

  4. You had a great month, considering you had to cut out 30 miles! I think that you did the right thing and your body will thank you when you run MDI.

    We are kicking off September with a triathlon, the last one of the year :)

  5. Thats a good solid month even with time off, your body thanks you. Onwards to September for another cracker :-)

  6. Great post as always, and what a cute Tat you have on your foot.. I am thinking about getting the fivefingers logo! havent told hubster yet though.. lol

  7. Great job on your mileage!

  8. August certainly do fly by! Your road looks so pretty. :) Good luck on your 22-miler tomorrow.

  9. Ahh, you're so wise to ease up on the running. I had to do the same the last three weeks of my half marathon training...but at least I was able to run it. Good luck with your training.


  10. I think you ARE a RockStar! Nice mileage for the month in spite of being ill and needing to rest and recover. Have a great long run!

  11. It is so important to listen to your body!! It will thank you later!! Great mileage for the year! You are rocking it! I go back on Wednesday...not looking forward to big girl shoes!!!

  12. 4:30 in the morning??? You deserve an award for that. I'm generally a morning person, but I can't/won't get out of bed before 5 unless I'm going to miss a flight. And even then sometimes I still set the alarm for 5! ;)

    Nice work!


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