I Need All The Help I Can Get

A little bit ago, I was sent two pairs of socks to try out from PRO Compression.  Since my mileage is on the rise once again and rest is really non-existent as a mom to two very active kids, anything that will help speed up my recovery is quite welcome.  I don't get to lay around after a long run and rest.  I'm lucky if I'm given a few minutes to inhale some food and shower. 

I was quite pleased to see that I was sent a pink and black pair of socks.   One might think that I actually live in the pink socks.  They are definitely a favorite of mine. If PRO still had the purple ones in stock, I'd be buying those as well.  I've gotten quite a few looks and comments when I'm wearing them out and about as well.  I do frequent the grocery store in them whether I wore them for my run and I'm just going in to the store for a few items just after my run or if I'm wearing them post run for recovery, so the fine folks at my local Hannaford have seen these socks quite a bit. 

I especially like how they match my Sweat Pink laces. 

I also enjoy kicking back and relaxing with them on at the gym. 

Needless to say, having a husband who is a runner, the black socks did not remain in my possession for long. I did try to hide them for a few weeks and tried to only wear them when he wasn't around. But, eventually he found them and I haven't seen them since. I suppose I can share. But I'd like it if he'd return the sharing and let me wear them again. He, of course, can try out the pink ones. I think they'd look awfully cute on him. 

I believe he wears these all of the time as well - running, recovery, and even soccer.  Maybe even to bed. 

So yes, the Boudreau family here is in love with PRO compression socks.  But WHY do we love PRO? 

- They are made in the USA Huge points here
- They are longer than other compression socks I've worn before.  To get them to fit right, you are supposed to pull them up to where you want them near your knee and then adjust the fit as you as needed (if needed) down the calf and into the foot area. 
- They are heavy duty.  I've been wearing these non-stop for over a month and have been washed more times than you could even imagine and there are zero snags or pulls and they still feel just as tight as they did when I received them. 
- When I wear them while I run, there is zero slippage and no blisters at all.  Ward has noted the same here with the stolen black pair. 
- When I wear them for post run recovery, I do notice a difference in my calves in how they feel the day afterwards.  My calves are not tight like they were earlier in the marathon training and like they were last summer when training for marathon #1. 

If you'd like to find out more about PRO Compression, you should check them out:
- on facebook
- on twitter
- on Google+
-on YouTube

Right now there is one heck of a deal going at Schwaggle - 50% off for PRO Compression socks plus free shipping.  But you have to jump on this deal quickly, I think there are only 2 days left of this deal. 

Disclaimer: I was sent PRO Compression socks for the purpose of a review and did not receive compensation, nor was I required to write a positive review.  The thoughts here are 100% mine.


  1. oooh Im no runner but I AM SMITTEN with my Zensah stuff --- off to check out PRO COMPRESSION as I love your pink socks :)

  2. Absolutely LOVE my PRO Compression socks! I wear them everywhere including to Hannaford too! ;)

    I've noticed a huge difference with recovery. I also like to wear them to bed before a long run. My calves feel refreshed and ready to go in the a.m.

  3. I love their socks! I wear them when I want a thinner pair.

  4. i love those socks!! so cute! i def need to get some! thanks for sharing!! SPALOVE!

  5. Oh boy..I've been looking at compression socks and been unable to make a decision. I'm training for my first half, and the day after any speed work (the first time since highschool mmmmteen years ago I've done speed work on purpose) and my long runs my legs are so tired! I read your review and was sold. I went and got two pairs (don't tell my husband...he's not a runner and does not understand!) I figured the discount code was like a BOGO deal! Ack! I can't wait to get back to the classroom in September so I have a paycheck again! (Do you get guilty-spending-blues in August too? Or is that just me?!)

  6. I have yet to try compression socks. I was debating about the Schwaggle deal actually.

  7. I am such a PROcompression addict, I have to confess I have been procrastinating on the schwaggle deal because i can't decide if I want to order the red or the pink ones, although the neon yellow ones are sort of really AWESOME also. I LOVE those socks. I have them in five colors already and am pretty sure I need MORE! :)

  8. I have been looking for new compression gear! I'm so happy I caught this post! Perfect timing!

  9. Oooh I am in LOVE. I would love me some of these socks! My calves are probably the body part that is in pain most of the recovery time. Good pain. But still pain!

  10. The pink compression socks go well with your Sweat Pink laces!

  11. i just got the schwaggle deal too! thanks for posting.. now I know I will love them :)

  12. You know, being new at this, I have no idea what compression socks (or compression anything) do. I see everyone wearing them and wonder... You know, you are a lucky gal. You can share running stuff with your husband. I'm size 14, my wife a 9. I don'think I will be asking her for her socks anytime soon...


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