Let's Call It A Recharge Week, Shall We?

Thank you all for the well wishes last week.  I had a horrible cold hit me like a ton a bricks and it really through me for a loop.  I had a fever for 6 days and sinus infection-like symptoms.  
at the zoo 

What a way to spend my last week of summer vacation.  Right?  I opted to just take an easy week in terms of running so I’d have some energy left for my kids.  Trust me, spending time with them and having summer fun was far more important than pushing my body.  Plus, I had immediate flash backs to the day when I thought it was smart to run a 10-mile road race with a temperature of 103F.  I didn’t want to end up in a vegetative state on the couch again.  

more zoo fun
I didn’t even feel too badly about taking the week off.  Really I didn’t!  

By Friday I felt good enough to try out a 4 mile run.  After not running since Sunday, my body was telling me to go fast.  I knew that wasn’t a good idea, so I brought Izzy along to keep my pace in check.  After the run, I felt fantastic!    Don’t you just love it when a run makes you feel better than you felt prior to the run?  I love endorphins.  

post 4 miler - sweat fest

I felt so awesome, I cranked out 7 miles on the treadmill on Saturday morning before my shift at the gym.  The pace felt great and I felt so happy.   I’m back!  

after my 7 miler!  
I did get in some planking/ push up/ and wall sits in.  But not on those days I felt so crummy.  I just couldn’t.  I did notice that after taking a few days off, my endurance increased drastically. I went from a 1:30 plank to a 2:00 plank and a 1:37 wall sit to a 2:03 wall sit.  My push ups increased but only by 1 (29 to 30).    

Sunday was supposed to be a biking day for the husband and I.  We had planned on taking the ferry out to a beautiful island and biking around.  But, the gorgeous weather told us that we should just scrap it and spend the day at the cottage on the water.  Another great choice - especially since today was my first day back to school!  I even planked and did my push ups at the cottage and then I completed my wall sit when I got home last night.  Results:  2:10 plank, 37 push ups, 2:30 wall sit.  

End result - taking a recharge week was exactly what I needed.  

Have you ever taken a recharge week?  

How’s your challenge progress going?  I've got to note that (unprovoked), Ward complimented me on my abs yesterday.  He said even through my shirt he could tell.  Now, that is what planking does for you!  Those few words gave me all of the motivation in the world to keep going.  


  1. Yay! You rock as usual! Maybe someday I'll find my abs.. lol ;)

  2. wow! great work! I hope to be back at it maybe tomorrow or Wed. Thanks for the comment on fb the night before the race--it helped me, it really did!

  3. Glad you are feeling better! :) enjoy the rest of your week, pepper is so cute!

  4. Glad that you are doing better now and that you had some time to enjoy yourself. I haven't taken a week off voluntarily in a long time, but probably around Thanksgiving and first of December I am planning on 1-2 weeks to let the body recover from all the abuse I have been heaping on it this past year :-). I can tell it is getting tired, rest is something runners are not all that good at, until the body forces the issue ;-).

  5. OMGOODNESS you do need a recharge week.
    and yes.
    Ive taken recharnge weekS.
    It makes all the difference.

  6. Last week was my recharge week. This week is all about refreshing my fitness lifestyle. Recharge to refocus! :)

  7. hope you're enjoying your rest! this might be me next week.

  8. Recharging always hits the spot! Oh and gotta love planks! I try to pop 'em out whenever and wherever!

  9. Glad you are better, it's good to recharge and listen o your body!

  10. So glad you're feeling better. Sounds like it was your body's way of saying, "hey you, take a break!" ;-)

  11. I have totally slacked on my challenge! It has been a few days since I have done it. I was doing so well too! Glad you feel better! Love the pics of your family.

  12. i love recharge weeks and agree that they always seem to help because you're listening to your body. Glad you're feeling better, though!

  13. So glad you had such a great week. I have done that before, usually to try to heal an injury. I may have to do that this week, since my knee is bothering me. Love the ab comment! Feels so great to get such a nice compliment. I better start planking:)

  14. I'm glad you are feeling better! Looks like you had a wonderful (besides not feeling well) last week of summer, I hope school is going well for you!

  15. Happy to hear you are feeling better. Last week was a recharge week for me as well; in part because I'm trying to avoid an injury, but also because sometimes life just happens and before you know it a week is gone. I'm hitting the pavement again tonight so we'll see if the rest did me any good.
    Good Luck with being back a school. :)

  16. Glad you're feeling better, girl!! :)

  17. Great job... looks like the week was a success.

  18. Love it and all the photos! Great job. Hope you're feeling better very soon! :)

  19. It sounds like the week to recharge was exactly what you needed to get back on track and get the kids ready to start school!


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