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I'm not a patient person at all.  Just ask Ward.  But when it comes to finding the right shoe for me, patience is priceless.

A couple of months back I received an invite to join the Mezamashii Project.  I really enjoyed my Wave Rider 15s I wore throughout the winter, so I was excited to try out some new Mizuno's.   

First I tried out the Wave Rider 15s, but Women's wide. Too narrow and my bunion hated it.  

Second, I tried the Men's Ronin.  Ouch.  Far too narrow and again, a very angry bunion.    

I'm so sorry, Ronins.  I wanted it to work out.  
Third, Men's Musha.   Third times a charm, right?  You betcha because these shoes are incredible!

Let me tell you, this shoe is so light and flexible, it feels incredible on my foot.  I did enjoy the structure of the Wave Rider 15s, but I also really enjoy a lightweight shoe.     

I've been running in them for a couple of weeks now, with probably close to 80 miles on them and I am very happy with them.  

I see these shoes taking me through the rest of marathon training and the marathon.  See, patience pays off for sure.  

I am impressed with the level of customer support I received each time I called into Mizuno regarding my shoe woes.  They were very kind and supportive each time.  I know they were faced with a difficult, picky person here who has very odd feet.  Actually, one of the representatives did suggest that I visit my local specialty shoe store to try on some Mizuno's so I would have a better idea of what would fit on me or not.  So I headed off to Maine Running Company to visit my pal, Seth, and he showed me what they had and answered all of the questions that I had.

Here is some Mezamashii Love for you.  All of the Rail Trail Chicks are sporting Mizuno's these days. 


  1. Love the colors of those shoes!! Glad you finally found a shoe with the right fit... so very important!!

    1. Mizuno has a great selection of fun colors. I am very happy I found the right shoe too!!! My husband can run in just about anything and I'm so jealous of him sometimes.

  2. Glad you found the perfect shoe! I can run in most anything, but I am still waiting on PERFECTION. Maybe I'll find it someday, maybe in some Mizunos.

  3. I am so glad you found some you liked. I love Mizuno and am a Wave Creation girl:)

  4. If they feel and perform as well as they look, I'm sold!

  5. Finding the right shoe is so wonderful!! :) Yay happy feet!

  6. i just bought some bright shoes today! they were asics though! love them!

  7. Good Choice Jen! I love mine too! I have the wave universe 4 and they are so light... great shoes!

  8. I got the Precisions and love them. The colors are great. Glad to hear that you are loving yours:)

  9. I'm thinking about trying some ligher shoes as well. These great colors and comments make me feel like a field trip to my running shoe store!

  10. Hurray for a good fit and happy feet! I hope you have lots of brilliant runs in your new shoes.

  11. Another Mizuno fan! I need to try these out. Thanks for the info.

  12. Glad you found a pair you like! I had previously tried the Inspires and did not like them but I am in love with the Precisions I got through the Mezamashii project.

  13. Glad you found the perfect pair! I love both pair of my Wave Rider 14's and I got the Enigmas through the Mezamashii Project but I think they run smaller than the Wave Riders because the 8.5 is just too short for me. I guess I need to break down and call!

  14. Love my Muahas too along with my Precisions and Riders too.:)


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