Tommie Copper & The Last Dash Before School Starts Virtual Race

Ward and I both received some shorts from Tommie Copper to try out.  Initially I was a little nervous that I wasn't going to be able to tell the difference between our pairs. As you can see, I don't have to be concerned at all.

Ward's shorts = orange Tommie Copper writing on waistband
and Jen's shorts = white Tommie Copper on quad.  

These shorts have quickly turned into my GO TO shorts. I really wear them ALL of the time.

I wear them after a run - under my skirt!  See, I am still trying to fit in wearing running clothing whenever possible.  

Loving them while running!  

Even great for ice baths.

Yes - this is how I do ice baths in the summer! 

And I've been known to sleep in them too.  
(nope, no pictures of that!)

Have I convinced you how much I love my Tommie Copper shorts yet?

I have had IT band issues as well as weak glutes, so after a long run or speed workouts, I turn to my Tommie Copper shorts for relief.

I've been wearing my Tommie Copper shorts for all of my long runs. I've had no chaffing at all and the shorts stay in place. I also like how they have a high waist so I don't have the mommy belly issue.  I am going to be wearing them when I take on the MDI Marathon on October 14th.

Ward's thoughts on his Tommie Copper shorts.
"I need more than one pair because I want to wear them all of the time.  These shorts feel great under my running shorts and really make a difference.  I had tweaked my quad before the Bond Brook Trail Race.  Fortunately these shorts came and I got to try them out.  The shorts definitely made a difference."  

Do you see the Tommie Coppers sneaking a peak under his shorts?  

how cute - we're twins
we are THAT kind of couple

Now, here's your chance to win your very own pair of Tommie Copper Compression shorts.

And because I head back to school in a week - to a new job (eeekkk!!!)  - I'm going to squeeze in a final virtual run I'm going to name the LAST DASH BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS VIRTUAL RUN!    Go ahead, lace up your running shoes for any distance, take an action shot or a post run pic and email it to me for bonus points.  I'll post your pictures next week on the blog.

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Disclaimer:  Ward and I were each sent a pair of Tommie Copper Compression Shorts for the purpose of a review.  We were not obligated to write a positive review and were not compensated.  


  1. This is awesome! Thank you! :) Easy peasy to enter too...

    1. Best of luck! & my answer to your skirt question - the Spandits do not come with shorts attached - but I do wear my Tommie Coppers under them!

  2. Nice post, guys rock those I want them! :>)

  3. I love tommie copper:) I only have the calf sleeves so far though.

  4. I just started looking for a new brand of compression shorts!

  5. Just sent you my scary postrun picture! lol Hoping I win! :)

  6. Great review! I have really weak hips & glutes and need a pair of compression shorts. I'll definitely have to look into these (that is if I don't win a pair - lol)!

  7. I want some of these so bad! Allan and I use our TC gear all the time.


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