Wounded Warrior's Project Race Report

Last Friday I had one of those excellent runs.  It was a slight drizzle, which was a very welcome break from the gross humid weather we've been having.  I woke up just ready to get outside for a run.  You've had one of those runs, I know it.   The rain brought the temperature down drastically and everything just seemed to click.

It was during that 4-miler that I decided I was going to dedicate that run to Suz & Allan's Wounded Warrior's Project.

Ward should really be ready at the door for me every time I get home from a run.  That's his job, right?

Thank you, Suz & Allan for doing an incredible job raising money for the Wounded Warrior's Project.  I think it's a fantastic organization.  I have many service members in my family and I would hope that there would be support for them if they were in need.


  1. Nice work on your run,and I love that you dedicated it to their project. I just donated some money to them as well; it is such an important cause!

  2. That type of a run is awesome and just tends to make the rest of the day perfect as well. Great job!

  3. Nice job - I love that perfect drizzle mid-summer. Such a refreshing change. And I love that you dedicated that run - sometimes it feels like it's for a bigger reason.

  4. Those runs are the best! Well done!!

  5. Glad you had such a good run! Thank you again for all of your support! I am always telling Allan he needs to be home to take my picture after all my runs so I think Ward should do the same.

  6. Great job on your run! I love your running outfit, very cute!


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