Challenge All Call!

For everyone who participated in the Plank, Push up, Wall Sit challenge - today is the day to email me your charts!  

What are you waiting for?  runningwiththegirls At  Go now!  

I can't wait to see your progress.  I'd love to have the charts by the end of tomorrow.  I'm going to say - 8 PM I can draw my shoelace winners names.  

yes - a recycled picture of me

If you did participate - please comment below about how you felt during the challenge.  Did you notice any changes?  Will you continue to plank? push up?  wall sit?  

I know I'm going to definitely continue to plank.  I know I should do the other two - but I felt and saw more results with the planking.  & I got Ward in on it too!  


  1. I feel so much stronger doing the planks and push ups. My quads feel so much stronger as well. I think I will continue to all three exercises since I think they are great for strengthening my core. I will send my results in a bit.

  2. I never did do the wall sits and I skipped planking during Hood to Coast, but I did make a lot of improvement! It is too late to get you the results?

  3. Gah.... I was terrible at keeping charts along the way! I took photos during sets, tried to tweet as I went along, but sadly had to replace my phone and lost all my pics since June 29. {technology fail}

    I assume it's too late for result submissions, but it was a great challenge and now that the hubs has done a plank or two, I'll be keeping at it! Wall sits, meh.. my hammies need more strengthening than my quads, so bridges of all kinds on the physio ball have taken over that department.

    Can't wait to hear how everyone else did, but here are my results:
    Planks - Start: 1:15 Finish: 5:31
    Wall Sit - Start: 2:00 Finish 3:30


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