My Favorite Running Season Ever!

The past couple of weeks I have been blessed with gorgeous running weather and having the opportunity to get my weekday runs done in the afternoon & NOT at 4:30 am.  I don't know how that happened, but I am most appreciative.  I will run at the gym on the treadmill at 4:30 am, but only if I have to!

I really do have some pretty areas around my house.  I don't often go out here because there are some killer hills to take on before I get to the beautiful flat area, but since I'm training for MDI, I thought I should really not avoid the hills.  

I really was enjoying running on this dirt road last week, but quickly aborted the run when I noticed an unleashed Rottweiler in the middle of the road.  I don't know the dog and didn't really know the people on the road, so I thought it would be best to just turn around.  It did mean my run was longer than I wanted, but I'll always take a longer run.  

It only took about 50 attempts to get this partially okay running shadow.  

Here I am just freaking ecstatic that I've have such awesome running weather and some equally great runs lately!  Here's hoping that the weather and run are both incredible when I take on MDI in a few weeks!

And most of all, I've LOVED running with these two when I can.  Izzy actually had a melt down one day when she realized I had run without her earlier - which meant that I went out for another mile with both kids.  

Then there's these two boys - they've been troopers.  One day I didn't quite get in all of the mileage I wanted before the bus dropped them off, so I greeted them with a "hey guys, let's go for a run!"  They were both so happy to head out on a run with me.  

When is your favorite season to run in?  


  1. It's hard to pick between spring and fall for my favorite running season! Spring is fabulous because you can start running without wearing 400 layers! But I think I'd pick fall too, running in normal clothes and not dying from heat. And then there is the gorgeous scenery I'm surrounded by in NY! I'm seriously loving this fall for biking too!

  2. I love that your kids like to run with you:) Only one of mine enjoys running but they both run the shorter races with me. I may just get the older one to be a runner too:)

  3. I love this time of year for running too! Early spring and fall are my favorites, just because the temps are nice and cool :)

    MDI is going to rock! You are going to love it!

  4. I would have turned around seeing a Rottweiler on the loose too!
    That's great you've had lovely running weather and are enjoying the local scenery - I think that is what I love most about running. I enjoy it any time of year except in high summer where the humidity gets to me.

  5. I love both fall and spring. I love the return of sunshine and green grass and flowers in the spring and the return of tolerable/cool temps in the fall plus the pretty leaves. The fall color at MDI will be awesome! We were there two years ago (had no idea that the marathon was going on - just happened to be there on vacation).

  6. Winter! Thats cause I am a cold climate type of guy!

  7. I feel the same way about fall! I love the spring too, after the slush disappears, and watching the green come out little by little on the trees...but I don't love spring racing as much as I love fall races...fall races I'm much stronger, from running in heat and humidity all's such a relief to get out in cooler temps and thinner air!

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  9. This weather is the best! It's great that the kids are so active. You're setting a great example! :)

  10. first off. i LOVE your header.

    second.. love this weather. it was so nice to run the Ragnar when it was cool. I mean, don't get me wrong.. 1 pm it was HOT...but I got a taste of it. Excited to get more training runs in! :)

  11. Um... yea. Unleashed dog would make me turn around, too!

    It's so cool your kids like running with you. :)

    PS - favorite running season: Autumn. No question about it.

  12. That's awesome that the weather has been so good for these past couple of weeks and you've even been able to run with your kids in the afternoons!


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