Back Together!

The girls and I have not been able to run together for quite some time for a multitude of reasons.  But last weekend we finally got back together and ran a 5 mile trail race in Augusta.  
We were more than happy to be back together.   

- photo courtesy of Chuck Maletich

We may not be speedy - but we sure look great!  
PS I think Jill needs to get a matching skirt.  Don't you?  

The girls listening to the rules of the race - pink ribbons on the left, white on the right.  
Or was it white on the right and pink on the left.   Shoot, I forgot!  
But, hey, Jill and Stacy trusted me and I didn't get them lost.  

Yes, I brought my iPhone with me and yes I tried to take pictures when running.  
It turns out I need a lot of practice.  But I like this one of Stacy going up one of our first hills.  

And here's Jill!  

I did not get this picture - my dad came to the race and took a crap load of pictures
- photo courtesy of Chuck Maletich

Here's Carrie.  Our speedster.  She took off like a rocket.  Good thing.  
Her speed gained us some points in the team department.  

- photo courtesy of Chuck Maletich
 And here's Carrie cruising into the finish area.  Looking great!

- photo courtesy of Chuck Maletich
Here we are on one of the single tracks.  
Quite happy and surprised to see my dad standing in the woods
 taking pictures.  Thanks, Dad!

This is somewhere around mile 4ish.  We decided that we needed to stop and take a picture.  Check out our awesome hats!  This is the swag we got for doing the race.  

- photo courtesy of Chuck Maletich
 And here we are!  Coming in to the finish.  

- photo courtesy of Chuck Maletich

The funny thing is that we almost got lapped by the husbands - who were doing the 10 mile race - which just meant doing the 5 mile route twice.  They were really truly racing it and we were just out for a jog in the there was definitely the possibility of getting lapped by them.  

And here we are - all muddied up. It's been a very wet October and it did rain for a few days prior to the race.  Which made for some interesting parts.  
I actually didn't get any mud on my sleeves, but my shoes were completed caked with mud.  

And here we are - 1st place Women's Team.  Stacy couldn't stick around for the awards ceremony.  So here's Jill, Carrie, and I and we won a pie!  Yum!  


  1. Look how happy you girls look! :) Great job and it looked like so much fun! Wish I lived closer.

  2. Awesome! So much fun! Great job getting first place and I'm so glad you all got to run together:)

  3. You won PIE? I guess I need to add theis race to my must do list then... Congrats on a good run- you girls are all super cute and I love the outfits!

  4. So you were out for an "easy jog" and won the womans division?!?!?! You sound like Sara! Brats! All of you! (Fast, fast brats!!!)

  5. You all look like you are having tons of fun. Congrats on you "pie" win!

  6. Wooohoo - nice job!! And you guys all look fantastic!

  7. So fun!!! Congrats on the win...those are some fit hubbys you all have there!!

  8. Looks like you girls had a blast! Great run!

  9. Looks like a fantastic fun race to do, well done on winning the pie - hope you all shared with the hubby's :-)

  10. Love it! What a great time to spend with friends. I did my first (and only) trail "race" (coming in last it really was more like a "fun run through the woods") in Aug and really enjoyed it. I felt like I was able to run at a more sustainable pace naturally because I had to slow down to manage the terrain and roots/rocks. Congrats on your PIE!! Great prize!

  11. Hey, I would run for pie! How fun.. it is obvious how much you love to be together and I can almost hear the giggles... great day and lots of fun pics to share, too. Awesome, Jen.

  12. I love this! I want to do this sometime, it looks like so much fun! Mike and I really need to do a trail race, sometime soon hopefully.

  13. What a fun race! Glad you ladies were able to get together and run this one together and congrats on winning a pie!


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