Dinner this week

Planning our meals for the week on a Saturday morning is quite beneficial. I have found that the week night dinners are much less stressful. Yet I have found that I can still be flexible with dinners when I'm just not "feeling it".  We do always have plenty of eggs here, so a quick egg sandwich, scrambled eggs or omelet is healthy option.

As I'm here, racing against the winds, hoping to get this post up before we lose power (thank you, Sandy) - here's the menu for the week.

Sunday - The BBQ chicken calzone was delicious!  Super easy - chicken left over from my crock pot chicken last week, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce wrapped in my favorite Portland Pie dough.  Izzy said it was delicious!

Tonight - Izzy and I had chiropractic appointments  - so a quick meal of Ham & Cheese paninis was in order.  Always a great dinner in my opinion - since I top mine with tomatoes, spinach, cukes, as well.

Tuesday - I planned ahead and I'm assuming we'll be without power later on tonight and into tomorrow, so I put together a huge vegetable soup yesterday and it's in the refrigerator waiting to be either rewarmed on the stove or warmed up on the wood stove. Either way, it's going to be yummy!

Wednesday - Halloween.  So a quick pizza meal and we'll be out and about Trick or Treating!

Thursday - Sesame Chicken w/ rice will make a reappearance.  It was a hit last week - so I'll be doing another chicken in the crock pot and then making the delicious sauce for the chicken.

Friday - Leftovers.

Saturday - I am not really sure.  I put waffles here.  The kids really want waffles more often and I sure love them too!!!

What's on your menu for the week?


  1. Can you come to my house and cook next week??? ;)

  2. We have chicken with potatoes and carrots, sausage and sauce all cooked in the crock pot and pork chops in the fridge. Veggies I have broccoli, the spaghetti squash I didn't cook from last week and asparagus. That's what's on board for this week!

  3. It all sounds delicious! Stay safe- I'm thinking of all of you on the east coast. That's perfect that you can warm your food up on the wood stove if you have to- we grew up with a wood stove too, so cozy!

  4. You;re so good! I *try* to do a weekly menu….and it's just me and my husband. And it doesn't always happen as planned :) I think it's a great practice….but as I look at my board it's from so many weeks ago, I can't even remember how many weeks it's been! Your dinner sound like the perfect balance of simple and yummy too!

  5. Planning for being without power is awesome. I don't know that I would have thought of that. Your menu looks so good!

    Be safe!

  6. I think I need to start meal planning like this... As exciting as it is to be without food and eating ALL the PB&J at the end of the week I'm kinda over it! :-)

  7. Jen that chicken looks good and I checked out the link. Nice easy recipe! Good for you for planning for the week. I love waffles too!


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