A Running Commute? Yes Please.

Since taking my new job, it's been a dream of mine to run to or from work.  Yes.  That is actually what I dream about.  I'm odd.

Anyway - Ward's car broke down earlier in the week so he's been driving his truck lately.  Now - it's dark so I'm not going outside to take any pictures of this beauty of a truck - so I'll just paint a picture for you - 1987 Ford F150, primer black.  Yes. Gorgeous.

Ward's commute to work is much farther than mine and he's been wanting me to drive the truck.  Nope.  Sorry.  So the other day he asked if I would mind running home from work.  Hmmm.....let me think about that - of course I wouldn't mind!

On Friday, he showed up at school with that beauty of a truck and told me I could drive it home if I wanted.  Ummmm.... NO!  Plus, I really wouldn't want to be seen driving that truck anyway.  Especially by the high schoolers!

Thankfully I had my running stuff with me anyway - because I was planning on running at school anyway.   My only issue with running home from school was what to do with my purse, lunch bag, and laptop.  Thankfully one of my neighbors teaches directly above me and he was very kind to bring my bags home.

So at 2:00, I changed into my clothes as fast as I could and took off on a beautiful run.  I wanted to run further and faster, but I opted to not do it as my IT band has been a little angry with me lately.  Not full blown, but I can hear some chatter going on - so I'm taking it easy.

Not too far into the run, I saw this Alpaca farm. I really do love running by farms.  Makes me want one even more.  I just wish I had more time, money, etc.  

I was forced to rest for a few moments when this dump truck decided he had to stop and back into this driveway.  He took forever figuring out how to back into the driveway and I didn't dare to go around him because it seemed like the cars were just flying by.  Ugh.  

But, you know what was really awesome about this run?  These.  I am still in love with my Mushas.  They are getting a bit dirty - but that just means I love them so much they are my go to shoe.  I hope they last until January so I can get the newly released Mushas.  

I also got to try out my new app - Runtastic Pro.  I loved it!  I've tried other running apps and haven't been all too pleased at all.  But Runtastic is incredible.  It EVEN tells me the temperature.  Freaking awesome.  I'll do a full review on it after a few more runs, but my initial thoughts = love.  

Here are some screen shots of my post run information.  

Yes - that's my commute.  Lovely!
And here's the elevation & my pace.  

After Tucker and Izzy got home, we took the 1.09 mile walk to my neighbor's house (and I used the runtastic app again just to see how far it was).  

It was just a fun, exercising commute kind of day.  I would like to commute like this more often, but I just don't know what to do with my bags and I'd hate to continue to ask my neighbor to bring my stuff home for me.  Maybe I'll figure something else out.   Any suggestions from you?  Do you get to exercise and commute to work/home from work at the same time?  


  1. Maybe with some planning...like an every other day thing it could work. Plan to leave running clothes the day before, and extra lunch in the staff room? And decide you'll just not bring the laptop to or from work on a running day? Add a running belt with some cash, house key and ID. I day dream about a run home from work every day, but mine's a 14 mile commute, and I think I would have a tough time with that after teaching all day (and my babysitter might not appreciate the extra 2+ hours it would take me to get there!). But I do squeeze in 30 minutes most days running around the town my school is in. I think you should try it, sounds like a Dream!

  2. I wish I could run or bike to work, well I guess I could but it is a twenty some mile drive and has several huge hills as will as all interstate, and I would have to start very early in the morning.. sometimes when the roads out here are bad I will run in town after work.

  3. Fun! Looks like scenic route too:) Only thing I can think of is pushing your bags in a stroller. Is that weird? Not sure:)

  4. Just downloaded Runtastic Pro and can't wait to use it tomorrow! I'm glad you mentioned it! When are we gonna get together???

  5. Jealous! I'm holding out for the new Musha's too! I think they are going to make me supah fast.

  6. Jealous! I'm holding out for the new Musha's too! I think they are going to make me supah fast.

  7. Sounds like fun! I wouldn't be able to run to work or home from work since I have to take a highway to get there, and it would be a really long run if I took back roads!

  8. I dont have tips but would love a running commmute!!

  9. I more or less run to work every day... but work is 0.2 miles away and I work in a barn so I can be sooooo groooooosssss! I love the cute alpacas. I run by miniature donkeys sometimes and kinda want to steal them :-) It's the little things that make running amusing, right?

  10. It sounds like you had a nice run home. The look of the app is something I'd like. I use Log Your Run and I love it but it doesn't give me my splits.

  11. That's awesome... so it's about 3 miles? My office is about the same distance... i've definitely thought about it. but I have to tote my computer around and pick up Lj... so I don't know. LOL. Plus I work from home so much! That is nice though. :)


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