Listening To My Body

I've had monthly chiropractic appointments since August 2010 - when my IT band decided it hated me.        Since I started going for my adjustments, I have been feeling great.  Then in September, scheduling got complicated and I couldn't figure out how to make my appointments work, so I stopped going.   I was feeling good, didn't feel any discomfort, so why not?

BIG mistake. 

Then I ran MDI.  The last 4 or 5 miles were on cambered roads.  When for me = hell on my IT band.  Ouch!  It hurt a bit during the race, but then subsided.  Or at least I ignored it.  I didn't feel any discomfort after MDI because I had been taking it easy.  

Then I started adding in more speed work to my schedule.  Last Friday night I decided to do a modified Yasso 800 on the treamill with my 800's @ 3:40, 3:30, and 3:00.  I kicked ass.  I felt great.  

After Sunday's long run with the girls - I started feeling sore.  So sore, I called the chiropractor on Monday for an appointment.  She readjusted me and I felt great once again.  Dr. Johnson is my hero.  

Then this week I hit the treadmills hard again.  Tuesday I ran a progressive run for 6 miles - starting at 7 mph and ending at 8.8 mph.  I felt incredible.  Invincible.  So I did it again on Wednesday, but this time 7 miles.  This time I switched it up with 1 mile at 7 mph (8:34 pace), then 1 mile at 7.5 mph (8:00 pace) - and alternated from there.  Again, I felt awesome.  Sidenote: on Wednesday there were some hs boys on the treadmills beside me and the competitive part of me could not/would not let them run faster than I was.  Am I pathetic or what?  Seriously?  I'm double their age and I'm racing them on a treadmill.  I need to get a life.  

Then while we were walking around last night, trick or treating with the kids, my back started to tense up and I started feeling quite sore - but only on my right side.   Ugh!  So frustrating.  I knew what it meant- the damn IT band.  

Body Wreching my IT band and back - hurts so good

Which meant today was a rest day - well, a stretch, yoga, roll day.  And it's helping.  Quite a bit.  

Working the pigeon pose as well.  My all time favorite pose.

And I had an awesome helper/photographer/partner as well.  Yes, she's 3 and she takes awesome pictures.  Although she's awfully demanding.  Made me say "cheese" about 50 times for the pigeon pose pic. 

What did I learn?  I should probably never ever ever miss a chiropractor appointment again.  I don't like this discomfort.  Ugh.  AND I should probably not push the speed work as much as I did so many days in a row post marathon.  What was I thinking?  I guess I better slow down and listen to my body.  Especially if I want to continue to run and be pain free.  


  1. You are one tough woman! I can't believe the speed work you've done so soon after a marathon. Hope your IT band stops acting up now that you've been to the chiropractor.

  2. Well you know what I'm goin say..... Since my tfl and it bands are rock hard the foam roller has been my BFF. Def listen to your body! Or you'll end up like me. Lol. Hope you feel better quickly !

  3. I need to make a chiro appointment ASAP!!

  4. Slow down, girl! You just ran a very difficult marathon!! :) You know what they say...take it easy for as many days as miles = 26.2 easy days! Why am I not surprised you're right back at it? :D
    Glad chiro appointments help you feel better, you hardcore runner, you!

  5. I'm sorry you're hurting! It stinks to be out of commission! Sounds like you know how to take charge of your pain though. Big Hugs!! Wish I was there to do your long runs with the girls, looks so fun! xoxo

  6. So sorry you're hurting. I can totally understand racing the high can't help but be badass, super awesome! Take it easy. XOXO

  7. Bummer... but you know what you need to do to beat this! I see Wave Universe 4's in the picture.. did you get some? What do you think? Those are my FAVE shoe now!!

  8. Nice speedwork! I have trouble with my left leg/hip ALL the time because of the stupid roads... I love my chiro and give him 100% credit for keeping me on my (broken) feet :-)
    And by the way, when I'm running at the track I totally showboat for the high school kids. (so I understand the need to kick some teenage butt!)

  9. That is some great speed work, but yeah your body may be mad so close to MDI. I think it is so hard not to want to get back into things full force after a marathon but we have to remember what we just put our body through. And I am right there with you at skipping out on my PT when I start feeling better, bad bad. :)

  10. Good for you for learning to listen to your body's warnings. So much better than continuing to ignore and end up really laid up. Your little photographer did a great job and she is adorable!

  11. Sorry to hear that you're hurting! Glad you are listening to your body! It's so important to do so! Take good care xo


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