Someone just did her first double

This girl is absolutely wiped out.  When I came home from work today and changed into my running gear, this girl started to get excited and started to "sing" to me and jump at the door.  I know that tune - and I haven't taken her out on a run for a while, so I took her out for my recovery run.  She did the first 4 miles of my run with me and was an absolute rock star.  She kept up with my pace - although it wasn't super fast - but she just trotted along like the best running doggy she is.  

But I had no idea what she had done earlier in the day until just a few moments ago.  I just got off the phone with the husband and he took her for a run today as well - 4 miles this morning!  And I'm positive his pace wasn't exactly slow either.

I'm feeling kind of bad right now that she had two 4 mile runs today.  I'm guessing I need to start scheduling in her runs with the husband so we don't work her too much!  In my defense, today was the first day he has taken her for a run.

I better go give her a treat, or twenty.  She has earned it for sure.


  1. What a tired girl! Even the pups get in two a days at your house!

  2. Oh wow, that's a tiring day for her! So funny that you didn't even realize it until afterward. :)

    1. My husband works evenings - so I never see him anymore. I've been the one that takes her on runs so I was super shocked when he told me. I'll be surprised if she can walk tomorrow!

  3. Sweet girl! What's she training for? ;)

  4. Oh wow, awesome! Dogs never complain :)

  5. Aww, what a sweetheart!

    I bet she really enjoyed each run, though! What a nice way to spend some time with each of you.

  6. lol....I wouldn't worry about it :) I'm sure she's fine....that's awesome that she did a double. Hardcore!

  7. Awesome! Love it:) I am lucky if my dogs make it 1 mile. Not really runners.

  8. She's a tired pup.. It's so cool that she loves to run with you guys.. I wish my little Charlie had longer legs so I could take him!

  9. awwwww!!! so awesome! I can't wait to bring my Teddy for his first run!


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