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My friend Michelle at Average Girl Doing Average Things posted today about the Top 10 Things she learned in 2012.  I loved her 10 things and thought I'd try it out.

1.  Changing jobs this summer was the best thing I could have done.  Working 3 miles from my house has been fantastic.  Yes, I took a pay cut.  But it has been worth it.  This is the first time in a very long time I can honestly say that I really do enjoy my job.  Along with that, I now have the same school schedule as Tucker.  We'll have the same snow days, early release days, last day of school, etc.

2.   In my mind I'm still training for a marathon and burning tons of calories, but I'm not.  Yet I'm still eating like I'm burning those calories and my pants are getting tighter.  I need to either run more miles or eat less.

3.   When the stylist says "I can wax your brows while you're back here" - she's really saying "Holy crap, look at those crazy ass brows.  This woman needs help."  A thank you to her because she definitely convinced me to have my brows done for the first time ever.   Along with that, I learned that I am happier with short hair styles.  Even if it means I now cannot pull my hair up into a ponytail.  

4.  Pepper is an awesome running partner.  I knew that already.  But what I'm finding out is that the girl is addicted to running and when she sees me get my running clothes ready, this quiet dog becomes a very vocal girl.

5.  I am 100% addicted to my iPhone.  I really don't know how I survived without one previously.

6.  Even at the age of 35, I still enjoy seeing an A+ on any paper with my name on it.  I was observed a couple of weeks ago by my boss.  Attached to my evaluation was this sticky note & it made my day.

7.  If I want my stomach to disappear, the chips need to disappear as well.  I know this, yet I keep buying them.

8.  The Kennebec Local Food Initiative is fantastic.  I've been getting their email for months now, but last week I finally decided to email them to request a password so I can begin to purchase from them.  I was absolutely amazed with the selection when I logged in for the first time today!  The KLFI brings together local products and makes them easily accessible to community members at very reasonable prices.  The choices are endless - veggies, meats, cheese, honey, jams, breads, pies, etc.  1 lb of grass fed ground beef for $4.59 in Gardiner?  Yes please.

8.  Cars need coolant?  Thanks Michelle for reminding me of this.  I kind of knew this already - but my car has not been warming up at all the past couple of mornings.  Tomorrow morning I'm checking the coolant level.  It will be a long winter if I have to scrape even after letting my car warm up for 10 minutes.  Especially knowing we're going to get hammered with snow.  I just know it.

10.  And an obvious one - one can never have too many pairs of running shoes.  Ever.  But what I do know is that some of these are done and I cannot bring myself to part with them.

What have your learned this year?


  1. Thanks for the video of Pepper! Sasha and Lucky loved it. It was the highlight of their day!

    Your hair looks great! Hope you enjoy the new hair do!

  2. I LOVE the KLFI it is such an amazing resource for locally produced food :)

  3. Great list! How great to say you really enjoy your job!

  4. Thanks for the shout out! I love your list too! Your haircut is fabulous and I agree that short hair suits me better as well. I'm a little irritated about the stragglers that don't fit in the ponytail anymore but if I wear a visor or hat, then it's fine.

    Come join me in the HBBC again. It started yesterday and I hope it will keep me on track. Chips, nutella, biscoff are all my enemies.

  5. LOL
    I get number three all the time and still say no.

  6. Lol on #3!!! It's amazing what a difference loving your job can make!!

  7. I can totally relate to #5 seriously I need help :-)

  8. Chips are not my friend! I have to keep reminding myself of this:) Totally agree on the running shoes and I am so glad you are happy with your new job!

  9. I almost cried when I got rid of the shoes I ran my first marathon in - I sold them at a garage sale and had to go back inside the house to not be upset... I should have sold them for $100! :) I'm jealous that you work 3 miles from your home! Where I teach is 14 miles ... I biked one day but it is SUPER hilly and was hard - it made my commute 1 hour one way. boo.

  10. Oh man, I've learned too many things to write in this comment - perhaps my own post is in order? ;)

    I loved seeing pepper talk! hahaha! and your hair does look nice short. I really want mine even shorter now. lol

    I love the shoe holder idea....I need to make that.

    I give this post an A+ ;)

  11. Oh Pepper! So cute! I'm shocked that Bernie didn't even wake up while I watched it though, I guess all of this traveling made him tired.

    Haha, you had me laughing about the car coolant thing. I do know this too but I always forget to check the levels. I think they check it when I get an oil change, though. So unless there is a problem there's really no need to check it.

    Love your hair, and love the sweatshirt ;)


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