Are you a winner?

Of course you are.  We all are, in our own way.  

But today is the day I announce the lucky winners of my Sprigs Earbags giveaway.  

Congratulations winners!  

Email me at by Sunday night with your Earbags choice, size, email address, and mailing address.  

Didn't win?   No worries.  I still have a fabulous discount code for you to use.  
Using the code RWTGEarbags, you'll be able to enjoy 10% off orders up to $29.99 and 20% off orders above).  This code will expire on 12/31/12. 

I used it to order some texting gloves.  I cannot wait until they get here!

Not only are they going to be incredible for running with the my iPhone, they are going to be even better in my classroom this winter.  I've found that when I'm writing reports/grading/lesson planning my fingers are FREEZING... now I'm going to be warm and styling when I working.  


  1. YAY!!! Now I will have MickeyMouse ears.. ;) How do I tell what size my ears are????

  2. Very cool... congrats to the winners. Those gloves look awesome!

  3. Love those gloves! I might need to get some of those :)

  4. Those are awesome! Wish I had known about the giveaway earlier ;) Congrats to the winners!

  5. I have some texting gloves! I love them! :) Can't wait to run in the cold again... Hope you're doing well Jen!

  6. I got texting gloves like that last year....this year I'm upping the anti and getting Etip ones because last year those little finger and thumbs tips just a warning ;)


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