Long Run Sunday

This past Sunday, Jill, Stacy and I met up for a chilly run.  The thermometer read 9F just as I was heading out the door.  It's getting colder!

We met up on our beloved rail trail.  I'm not sure how much longer we'll be able to run on it because as the snow starts to pile up, the rail trail just gets far too icy to deal with.  Ice and running do not mix.

While we were very happy to run together (while we were missing Carrie who is swamped in renovating her new house - hurry up, Carrie!), the mood was on the sad side.  We spoke about the Sandy Hook events and how it affected us and our fears.  All three of us are teachers and have young children.  Our hearts go out to the families.

I ran 11 miles will Jill and Stacy and then went back out for 2 more miles to total 13 for the day.  On the way back from the last 2 miles I kept hearing the cracking of the ice from the river.  I think that sound made me feel even colder.  Soon the river is going to be solid ice and the little smelt shacks will appear and people will be riding their snowmobiles on it.  

The biggest bummer with the cold weather was that my Nathan handheld froze.  Not entirely, but I couldn't drink from the mouthpiece.  I had to stop running and unscrew the cap to get any water out.  Not a big deal, just a slight pain.  I know there are cold weather hydration systems out there I just haven't used anything.  Does anyone have any recommendations?  

Before we parted ways, Jill gave us a early Christmas gifts.  How sweet is she?  I'm still trying to decide which shoes to put them on.  Maybe I'll just keep them special for race days.  I think the girls and I need to wear them to the Midwinter Classic.  Don't you agree?  


  1. I don't have a lot of trouble with freezing water bottles here so I'll leave that for a cold winter weather runner to answer! Those will look cute on any shoes you chose!

  2. I didn't realize there was such thing as cold water hydration options. My water bottles froze on Sunday too. Not the best thing when you are doing 20 miles. Way to get the 13 done!

  3. Horrible, but I don't carry water in the winter.

  4. I want to say a big THANK YOU for being a teacher and for all that you do for our children. I have been so quite lately. The Sandy Hook massacre has me in a sad place... I need to feel it and ride this wave of darkness so that I come out of it with some kind of clarity.

    I love cold weather running, the colder the better, I belong there, it's too hot here! Those schwings are awesome! xoxo

  5. Gah! I'm working as fast as I can!!! And I love the wings! Hope they make me faster than I currently am!

  6. I used to think I hated cold weather running but the more I do it the more I love it. Although nothing beats fall and spring running! Glad you had a great run and those scwhings are cute! I don't have any great water bottle solutions, I have heard to carry it upside down?

  7. The cold weather has just started (finally) here. And the damp air makes it feel colder, but we still don't have "water bottle freezing" weather. I'm not sure I've ever run in that kind of cold. Awesome early gift! Love that.

  8. I've never had my water bottle freeze on me, but last winter wasn't that cold. We'll see how it goes this year!

  9. Love those shwings!

    We got 30 cm of snow here...it's truly a winter wonderland!


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