Marathon Training and Racing

I've been avoiding this post for quite some time, because once I put it out there, I'm kind of stuck with it.  I've been obsessing about it for months now and I am ready to say I am committed.  Yes, I am committing to a marathon training plan.

The big reveal...

Yes, I have decided to go with the Hanson Marathon plan.  Thankfully my friend, Seth, helped me out with this plan.  I've been observing stalking Ward, Wade, and Joe's Boston Training.   They are doing a modified version of the plan and it's pretty intense.  When I say intense - I mean, each week there are 8, 10, or 12 mile midweek speed runs.  I am lucky to find time to get in an 8 mile run midweek - but now I'm signing up for a 12 mile speed workout?  Oh jeez!  I must be crazy.

To be honest, I've already gone off plan.   Ooops!    Monday was the official "kick off" for 16 weeks prior to Sugarloaf.  And the plan I chose is 16 weeks.  However, with that said, I've been registered to run the Midwinter Classic 10 Mile race this Sunday for a few months now.  I want to do well at it, so I knew that running a 45 mile week on race week wasn't going to give me race legs (whatever that is).  I'm not so worried because I've had a pretty strong base, so taking a step back this week shouldn't hurt me at all.

I am a proclaimed Musha lover.  I trained for MDI and ran MDI in my Mushas.  Sadly, I noticed last month that they weren't going to last much longer.  I mean, I did log at least 700 miles in them.  I knew the day was coming. I needed to find a replacement shoe.  So, of course, I obsessed about what my next shoes going to be.  I decided that I was going to hold off and get the Musha5, which came out at the beginning of January.

Unfortunately, they came and they went.  There are the Musha5s (green shoe).  They were huge!  I wear a size 8 men's in the Musha4, Universe, and Wave Rider, so why wouldn't I wear an 8 in the Musha5?  Oh well.  So I returned them and then found a great deal of Musha4's at RunningWarehouse.  I really wanted the new Musha, but to get a pair of Mushas that I knew would fit me for $55, heck yes!  

And they came already!  Yay!  Can you believe these are men's shoes?  They really look a little more magenta and purple than anything.  


Of course, I had to get in a run the day they came.  They felt like an old friend, just with a lot more life to them.  I am one happy girl in my Mushas.  Pepper was also happy too because I brought her with me.   She hasn't been getting in a lot a miles lately, because I've been running on the treadmill.  Which means poor Pepper is putting on some weight.  Soon the weather will be much better and she'll get out there with me and run more often.  

Moving on to the race coming up this weekend.  On Sunday, the girls and I (and Ward) are running the Cape Elizabeth Midwinter Classic.   The first year Stacy and I registered for it, it was snowed out.  Then last year, the girls and I registered for it.  This was the race when I made a huge mistake.  I woke up that morning, had a fever of 103, but convinced myself that I felt fine and that I was just going to run it anyway.  If you want to read about my BIG MISTAKE, feel free to read about it HERE.

Anyway, in prepping for the race, we decided to scale back our long run last Sunday.   I was scheduled to work at the gym, so Stacy and Carrie joined me for 8 easy miles.  Jill and her family (and my son) went away for the weekend, so Jill ran her treadmill miles by herself in NH.  No worries though, we sent her pictures of us, so she would know how much we missed her.

And just in case you want a full body shot of us - my co-worker, Ron, was nice enough to take this picture of us.  

My goal for Sunday's race is to do better than last year - which was 1:24.  Not too shabby for running it in a half-delusional/feverish.  Let's just hope that I can do better this year and not get sick.  Which, might be harder than it seems because I've been fighting a head cold all week and I think everyone in my house is sick.  No worries, I walk around with Lysol and sanitize everything and I've been popping Vitamin C like a mad woman.  

Do you have any racing plans coming up?  What about training plans?  What are you using?  


  1. I'm glad you picked a training plan! My post today was about our training plan today too, we made some changes. Our is a hybrid, mostly Hal Higdon but with triathlon training added to it.

  2. see you sunday! I hope to finish anywhere less than 1:40. 1:30 would be great. :)

  3. I've been hearing a lot about the Hanson plan and you're the first "real" person I know to give it a shot :-) I hope it's awesome and that you kill your sub 4 goal! Good luck on sunday- Eric and I will be there but are not "racing"- we're doing the actual race after running the course so we have a 20 mile day. Needless to say, my 1:15 time from last year might be my forever PR!!! Ugh... fingers crossed for good weather!

  4. Good luck the weekend! I have officially registered for my first marathon (Bay of Fundy on 6/23) and am wrapping up week 2 of marathon training. Since this is my first marathon, we are doing a 20 week plan and I'm training with my friends at KVC. We'll be running the Hyannis Marathon Relay at the end of February, Race the Runways half in April, Sugarloaf 15K in May, all in preparation for Bay of Fundy in June. I'm terrified and excited all at the same time. Amy at KVC sends us our weekly plans, boy I hope I can pull it off!!!

  5. L.O.V.E. the shoes! You finally got some purple ones! Those are sure to get you a sub-4! And there is no question in the world that you will PR on Sunday. I bet you have at least a 1:17 in you - easy.

  6. Those do not look like men's shoes at all!! Awesome! You are going to smoke Sugarloaf! Wait and see! Good luck this weekend!!!

  7. I LOVE the Hanson's plan - I mean as much as I can on purely reading the book and running in that style for 4-5 weeks so far. I feel so strong all ready! Good Luck - I can't wait to see how it goes!

  8. I read the Hansons book and the plan is a lot of work, but it seems to make sense. Hoping for sub 1:35 at the MWC myself.

  9. Good luck with the Hanson's plan, I'd like to know what you think about it as you get further in. It looks so intense!

    That is a BEAUTIFUL shoe - but definitely strange that it's a mens shoe in that color!?

  10. I'll be looking for you on Sunday! I have only run a 10 mile race one other time, so I hope to better my time from that.

  11. Good luck this weekend!

    Love the kicks too!

  12. Unfortunately, I'm on a "just do something" kind of workout plan. And some days even that doesn't get it done. I'll try to do better. All you rock stars out there just might guilt me into it. :) Best wishes on your race. I don't have one for a while. Need to start horking out for some of the fees and need to send some bills out to clients so that I can afford it. :)

  13. Love the color of the shoes!! I can't believe those are men's shoes. Kind of flashy, no? Good luck on Sunday!!

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  15. Ooooh I remember your sick race post from last year ..... a non-repeat of that thank you!!
    I generally stick with Hal Higdon for my marathon training - Novice 2 this year :-)


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